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    I have a 2 inch albino bristlenose pleco and have had them for a good 3 months just about and they have acted just like a puppy dog all this time and happily ate algae wafers and zucchini without hesitation. Recently I set up a 40 gallon tank and did a fishless cycle. After getting consistent readings of no ammonia or nitrites and only nitrates after 24 hours for a week of dosing pure ammonia I did a big water change and moved them from one tank (being a smaller tank) to the 40. They acted absolutely like normal this whole time until I recently added MTS to help stir the substrate. I'm afraid they may have brought something into the tank and infected my bristlenose. My pleco has been extremely shy, pretty lazy, and not as hungry (barely touching algae wafers and not eating any zucchini at all). They're also bloated on their right side and has developed black spots the size of a pinhead on his left side of their back right next to their dorsal fin. I'm very concerned as I've become very fond of them and their unique personality and certainly don't wish for anything to happen to them. Any help would be appreciated!! Also going to my lfs to ask for help too but figured someone may know something to get an idea on here. Thank you!

    Some other info about the tank:
    Filtered with aquatop Forza f4 canister filter, heated by aquatop 200w heater, planted with Java Fern Windelov, vallisneria, and green cobomba, sand substrate, has a bubble stone, and two medium sized pieces of drift wood, and inhabited by mts but no other fish. Also noticed small white hair like worms on aquarium glass getting to be about 1 mm long (fixing to get a magnifying glass to see them a bit better. Maybe the cause?)

    pH is steady at 7.6 with ammonia and nitrite staying at 0ppm and nitrate never getting too high at around 20 ppm at the highest since adding my pleco.

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    Forgot to mention that the tank is heated to 80°F with the heater and I have the lights on for 10 hours a day