Pleco Identification

  1. fishlover001

    fishlover001 Well Known Member Member

    Can someone please let me know what kind of Pleco this is?

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  2. bryangar

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a common pleco.
  3. Mcasella

    Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Yup common pleco, that particular one I have seen at 14-16 inches in length, so if you have anything under 125 gallons I would rehome it (they get about four inches from shoulder to shoulder across without counting for the fins, so you are looking at a bulldozer of a fish that will cause problems later, it needs a meatier diet and cannot survive off of algae alone).
  4. OP

    fishlover001 Well Known Member Member

    It was from my uncle's tank. I am going to help him get his tank under control and properly stocked

    I think he is going to rehome it to someone with a pond
  5. Beaurgard

    Beaurgard Valued Member Member

    For the record, that is one of the best looking common pleco's I've seen. Great markings/