Pleco has white spots on his tail and rear of body Question

  1. bescher

    bescher Valued Member Member

    I tried and tried to take a picture of this guy, a bristle nose ( I believe) Pleco he is the biggest fish in the tank. But I am worried that although he is spotted it looks likes his rear end has been developing white spots.

    I took five pictures and the below is the best I could take being that he is very shy

    ( the other two albinos aren't shy at all)

  2. FiscCyning

    FiscCyning Valued Member Member

    I can't really see from the picture, so can you describe what the white spots look like? Are they like grains of salt or do they look more fuzzy? Do any of the other fish have spots? Also, if you can give us your water test results and tank temperature that would be great.
  3. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    Star.gif I have moved your thread from Advanced Aquarium Topics to Freshwater Fish Disease section of the forum.

    It is common for Plecos to change their colors for self defense purposes. Mine have even displayed a cow print at times.

    If the area that concerns you appears raised or fluffy in appearance then there may be a true disease issue. If not, what you are seeing may be completely normal. Hard to tell from the photo.

    Best wishes for your fish!