Pleco For 20 Gallon Tank

  1. fish time

    fish time Well Known Member Member

    Is there any pleco that dosent grow to big for a 20 gallon i used to have a bristlenose pleco but he literally kept attacking and trying to latch on to my cory catfishs and I always fed him algea wafers and boiled carrots and flakes but he was always so aggressive so I don't think bristlenose plecos would be a option
  2. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Mainly, all plecos need 30 gallons because of their size.
    Even the smallest plecos need 30 gallons or more.
  3. Kellye8498

    Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    I would think you could get away with a BN pleco in a 20 long but not a regular 20. The footprint of the tank would allow it but the footprint of a regular 20 would make it really hard on the pleco.

  4. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd pass on a BN with the 20g long.
    TexasDomer was the one who personally told me.
  5. OP
    fish time

    fish time Well Known Member Member

    I think I will wait to I mean I already have a small dojo and 3 corys so I think I have enough bottom feeders might add though another cory or 2
  6. DHIWZ

    DHIWZ Valued Member Member

    Yes, Cory's need a school of 6, preferably more.

    If you need a fish to provide the algae eating services of plecos, Otocinclus would be a good addition. They stay very small and won't uproot all your plants like Plecos will.
  7. Kellye8498

    Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    I understand that. My entire tank is bottom feeders except two guppies lol. I have 2 lemon BN plecos, 4 mystery snails and about 20 RCS...and the two guppies and I'm about to move them out to a 20 gallon when I get all my stuff together and get the want to so the kids can watch them have a breeding and birthing good time lol.

    I haven't had a pleco uproot a plant ever and my tank is fairly well planted.
  8. PurpleKat

    PurpleKat New Member Member

    Remember that the Otocinclus are almost always wild caught. So quarantine and I preventative treat with PraziPro. They have a high death rate because it's hard for them to acclimate to captive food. Cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini are your go to foods.