pleco eating snails?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by potatos, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. potatos

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    Hey this has been bugging me for a while and i havnt been able to figure it out. Whenever i do a water change and search for danio fry, i find one or two ramshorn snails (tiny). i have yet to see one in my tank though, so something must be restricting their population or eating them before they get big. would a bristlenosed pleco be eating all the baby snails before they are big enough for me to see in the tank? i actually want these snails, and ironically, they wont seem to live past 3mm long. they are never big enough for me to see in my tank, i only find tiny ones in my WC bucket. i also do very thorough gravel vacuums weekly, but i only ever find a few, as i said before.

    perhaps my problem is someone elses solution?

  2. Butterfly

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    LOL Most people are over populated and complaining. You must be doing an excellent job of substrate vacuuming, water changes, and feeding responsibily. Most snails multiply according to the food available. I don't see anything in your tank that would eat snails.
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    Thanks for the reply. If nothing in my tank would eat them, then i guess you are right about my water changes. I do weekly 30% changes, all of which i suck out through the gravel, removing every bit of debris. i pretty much gravel vac the whole tank weekly, so i guess i am removing all the eggs and babies before they can grow and settle in. I thought my pleco was eating the babys, but i guess not