Please welcome NATE...

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Well I only just won the auction and he won't be here for a week (I was told next Wednesday) He is a lovely betta and coming all the way from Thailand. He is 3.5 months old and if he is half as healthy as he looks, he should be a very nice boy. I think I will repost this picture as it is the only one I have right now.

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!!!! He's AMAZING!!! Makes all my boys look like starving street mutts (not that I have a problem with that, I have a soft spot for starving street mutts). Wish I could afford just one betta that gorgeous, though it would take tank space from my rescue bettas. Welcome, Nate. Indra, aoSul and Notus say hi, too. Ace and Duece would, too, but they are both still very shy and such a beautiful guy is very intimidating to them. Oh, and my new guppies are all amazed. Congrats on winning the auction!
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An early welcome to Nate!! I'm so glad you won the auction. He is just GORGEOUS. Oh and did I mention how gorgeous he is? ;D
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I certainly do not think that your fish look like "starving street mutts" and I spend my grocery money and almost everything else on my fish so I am not too smart.  I just still have that one empty tank and I cannot stand it.  (It is not empty as the loaches and Tuck are in there, but a tank without a betta.... :'()

It is time for me to pack it in for the night and I want everyone to know that I love all of your boys are pretty but they do not do anything that the other bettas cannot and they will never be bred so perhaps that is a waste in a way.

My little ones thank you for your compliments for their new brother. (they will never get to know him as his tank is in the living room and they all stay with me in the den)

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Nate is absolutely, outrageously handsome! I am so happy that you were able to win him. WELCOME NATE!!!

CherryRose ;D
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Now that's a pretty boy! I won't show Boris his picture, he might not recover.
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He's beautiful ((Rose))! Hello ((Nate))!

I disagree that buying such quality Betta are a waste if you aren't going to breed them.

For some, store brand peas are fine. For the more discriminating diner, it's a B-Line to Green Giant. We'd want both pea types available cause although we only buy one or the other, we want it all, in a manner of speaking. LOL to my pea and Betta analogy.

I'm glad you have the cadillac of Betta! You deserve them, earned them, are worthy of them (not to imply that we aren't all worthy and deserving, mind! because we are).

I wouldn't think twice (ok, maybe at least twice but that's it, lol) of spending $75....or $300 on a Betta I really wanted to have. I'm very happy with store brand peas but have no problems paying for something I really want either.

I'm like you. No entertainment bill except for the cable modem so I buy books and Betta and fish stuff I don't mind cutting corners deep to get what I want either.
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Oh my.. Nate sure is a striking lil guy isn't he!
LZ Floyd
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Welcome Nate!  Hmm, wonder where the name Nate came from?  (JK, I've been watching the other thread.)

Nate has an extremely nice color and a very nice display of his fins, too.  Congratulations winning the auction, Rose.

Enjoy the trip from Thailand, Nate; you'll find yourself in a great home, soon.

BTW Rose, not to HJ the thread, but how's the foot healing up?

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Rose he is truly gorgeous!! You know we will want pics when he gets settled in
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Rose, he's gorgeous!!! I wish him a safe journey and I can't wait to see some pictures of him in his new home!

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Thank you everyone! I will have a BIG ULCER until he gets here so please bear with me until I can settle down.

I am able to wear my shoes and get around but I am afraid I am going to have a "weather foot" now. It bothers me when there is going to be a weather change. Just part of getting older I am afraid. As long as I can take care of the fish properly and get myself about the house, I will try to be thankful and not complain. ;D

Golden Fish
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He's a handsome devil, Chickadee. Congratulations!
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Congrats on the betta from Thailand! I myself have about 12 bettas bought from Thailand, but one of my favorites is a Cambodian VT I got from Petsmart for $4. ;D
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Oh. you won him!! Congratulations!!! ;D Give him a big ole welcome for me and and Burt and Ernie when he get's there. Natalie
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Well, Natalie, I came as close to naming him after you as I could since you introduced us, in a way. It would have been Nathan but I have a good friend by that name and was sure he would not care to have a fish with the same name. Hope you don't mind, but Nate he is... ;D

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I am still honored that you would even think of doing that. It's very sweet of you. Did you really mean what you said about not getting anymore fish for a while? Natalie
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I really do not have room for more. Nate will go into the quarantine tank for 2 weeks when he gets here then he will go into the 12 gallon Eclipse with Tuck and the Loaches and then the quarantine tank will go back to being only for plants until someone gets sick or dies and then I will buy more, but Bettas...I hope that they live a long time so I do not have any more replacing to do. I love the new fish but I do miss the ones I lost.

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I know, but they will remain in our hearts forever though. Natalie
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If I were to be offered a Marty Jr. though I may have to start a new tank...I would be so happy to have another Marty - type, no one could really replace him but you know.....

BettaBuddy ~ Miley
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hes BEAUTIFUL!!!! wow. hes amazing. Miley

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