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I think it'd be easier to find what we're looking for if we stick to a common format for the post titles under this LFS reviews board. For instance, I think a good title would be "Mike's Fish Store - New York, NY" and hopefully that'll make it easier to find reviews were interested in reading.

As we get more and more, we can start creating Country/State or Province/Location categories to make it easier to find reviews on stores in their area.

Also, please be objective in your reviews.

lol good idea I looked under the that board once and I'm like I'm not going ot spen an hour trying to find a lfs that I'm a aware of
I have the same remarks about caresheets. I'll take care of that, and I'll also write a caresheet template. I'd also like a disease diagnostic form too. Something along the lines of 'help us help you'. I'll get onto that too.

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