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I am new to the forum and to fishkeeping.

I have a 56Gal Marineland Column Tank with EheI'm 2215 Classic Filter
Gravel Substrate/ Plastic Plants with 4mm airstone

I am currently cycled....I think. I have had 4 Black Skirt Tetras, 3 Serpae Tetra, 2 Corys, 2 Green Sailfin Cory for about 8 weeks and have yet to have a noticible spike in ammonia or nitrates. Have been using SEED with each water change. I have been doing 20% water changes every 7 days, feeding freeze dried blood worms, shrimp pellets, and flake food. Temperature is constant 79 degrees +/- .04 degrees. Ph 7.3-7.5, Ammonia hovering around 00 and 001, HARD Chicago Water--but so does my LFS. Water is clear with very little algae growth on plants or decorations

Over the next few months I would like to stock up as follows:

Serpae Tetra 7
Black Skirt Tetra 5
Cory Catfish 4
Dwarf GouramI 3
Dwarf Pleco 2
Krib 2
Half Beak 3

According to most bio-load calculators I have found I should be just about 54. Can someone please weigh in to see if this will work or is this overstocked.


Generally people tend to say stick with your favorite species then work up to smaller schools.
You've got quite a few schooling species, and some semI aggressive species.

People usually don't recommend a breeding pair of kribs in a community. Two females may be fine though.
Or maybe two female apistos instead.

You have 4 mid to top level species, when in a 55/56, imo you should only have 2-3 species.
So maybe just two exotic tetra or barb species, or a large betta/gouramI species and one school of mid fish.
I recently saw these very large bettas at wet spot in oregon.
I didn't get a photo of the name, but if you're willing to wait to stock some cooler fish, who might be healthier and a lot prettier, then I think shipping might be worth it.

You need more cories for sure though.
I have around 12 or so in my 55.
So you could have around that many as well.

You could probably do
2 plecos
8 cories
2 female krib/apisto
I'd pick between the halfbeaks and gouramis honestly. Either get maybe 4-5 halfbeaks or just 3-4 female gouramis.
A large school of a flashy barb or tetra

Eg rhombo barb, dension barb, cardinal tetra, glowlight tetra maybe...
Theres a lot out there when you look..

Maybe even drop the kribs and go for more cories or something else.
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Thank you for your advice. I currently have blackskirts and serpaes so I am not going to get rid of them, but I will certainly reconsider the kribs. My Cory’s are kind of lame though. Only one of them moves and behaves like a Cory should, the other 3 hide all day and all night and the only time I see them is when I am fast enough to turn the light on and catch them scuttling to their cover. I am wondering if my gravel is too course for their barbs? I have taken to leaving the light off pretty much all day to hopefully make them less stressed. I am not sure if it’s humane to put any more Cory’s in my tank if they are going to be miserable.

Here’s a pic of my set up


That gravel may be a bit coarse on their barbels.
I did read you had some of the barbs and tetras already.
And I definitely think some of your lack of activity is due to low numbers.
Some.cories are also just a bit lazy.
For the most part mine are always on the move, but sometimes all of them will be still at once, then they all start swimming around again.

Albinos are more rambunctions than a lot of other cories according to albino owners. Lol
Think it would be best to even out the barbs and tetras maybe, and at least 3 more cories if not 5 more, and maybe the gouramis.
Might even rather some colored gouramis over dwarfs. Like the honey, or sunset. But you may have also already looked into those.
You can add some caves or larger flat rocks to give the cories some rest, or even move half your gravel over, and turn a section of your tank into black sand for them.
I don't think they'll be miserable unless you only have 1!
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I could make it half sand. I have researched how to do it without killing my fish and blowing up my filter.

I also saw I scan get a small polished gravel and layer that on top during my next full cleaning? I do like the Cory’s I just wish they did more...they hide in the cave all day except for my big green sailback, he’s always moving

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