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This section is for posting potentially contentious topics, such as if someone wanted to debate the theory about fishes' organs continuing to grow even if growth is stunted by poor water quality, or the impact of non-native fish released into the environment.
If you have questions about your tanks, please post them in the proper section. In other words, if you have a question about nitrates, please post it in the "Water Quality" section. If you want to post pictures of your new betta, please post them in either the "Pictures" section or the "Betta" section.

Thank you.
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A lot of people have been using this section of the forum as a place to put threads that they want a lot of other people to see. That's not what it's for.
It's for debatable topics, particularly those with ethical or moral ramifications, but also those that are simply debatable (such as evolution in aquarium fish).



Good morning,

I have moved several threads from the Hot Topic section this morning. Bumping this for a reminder and for our new members.



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