please help with baby

  1. lollipopkiller

    lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    i came home from my walk to find my little brother picked up an injured robin baby from the side of the road with a broken wing. it cant fly and its wing is bent strangly. what should we do? we thing a cat got one or both of the parents and it was circleing the baby too. we have it in a storage box now but it was in a bucket when we took the picture. it never came in contact with our hands we used gloves to pick it up and move it what should we do? photo (11).JPG
  2. A

    Angelbear Well Known Member Member

    do you have a area that takes injured baby birds. Might want to check in some states and ore areas/countries it can be illegal to keep them
    . Do your research some people will just euthinize them. Unfortunately since you moved it and it fell from the nest to begin with it is probably abandoned. Another option if its not illegal and you have alot of spare time on your hands like a lot you could raise it yourself.
  3. K

    Karlie Valued Member Member

    Call your wildlife care. If you can't find the number call your local pet store to get it. It's okay to touch the bird just try not to mess with it (remember you look like a T-Rex to this baby bird) If it looks/acts hungry look up baby bird food. I think you need kitten food and water to make it but I am not 100% sure. It would be best to find someone who takes in baby birds and have them feed it/keep it. Keep the bird in a low traffic and quiet area until you figure out what to do.
  4. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I always resort to the state park.
    They usually have wildlife centers who might be able to take it or guide you.
  5. OP

    lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    ya thats what i was thinking ill call up in the morning and see what happens thanks guys
  6. LeoDiaz

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    What happen to baby?
  7. stargazerwolf

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    If you can't find a rehabber to take it, take it to a vet, see if you can find one who specializes in birds. If the wing is broken it can't just be fed and released, they would need to fix the wing. A vet often has contacts with rehabbers, or at the very least may be able to fix up the bird and care for it.
  8. OP

    lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    the animal control shut down in our town :( i patched it up myself since ive had injured birds before and it fell off a few days ago safe and sound :)