Please Help, What's Wrong With Jack

  1. leelew32 Initiate Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a electric blue jack dempsey, I've had him for about 3 months now. When I first got him he was scratching his face, then stopped so I didn't think too much of it. Then over the course of a few weeks he went very dark and I thought this was due to stress but non of my other fish bother him. The last week he has turned his colours back on and I though great but I noticed yesterday that he has a red small bump with what looks like some kind of work on it and he is scratching like mad. I've never seen anything like this it's withing in his Gill or right behind it. I have added a pic and am waiting for my mate to get here with a better camera. Anyone have any ideas of what it is an what to do. I love that fish and don't want to lose him. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Lee 06c6f50af47acaf3b6a8899df0804bc6.jpg
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  3. leelew32 Initiate Member

    To add some take stats, I have 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and <15 Nitrate same as always no new fish added apart from the JD. I do at least a 50% water change per week mostly twice per week.

    hi kuhlkid,

    Thanks for your reply, i thinnk its some worm too, all the pics ive seen of anchor worms have folk tales but this doesnt seem to have one. im about to upload some more pictures ,please let me know what you think. IMAG0284[1].jpg IMAG0289[1].jpg
  4. kuhlkid Member Member

    I'm having a hard time finding info on anything else that would manifest this way. Is it possible to get your fish in QT, and take a closer photo? If you can, hold him gently in a gloved hand, just under the surface of the water, or close to the glass if need be.

    He's beautiful, by the way--I hope we can get him feeling better!!
  5. leelew32 Initiate Member

    So sorry for my later reply ive hardly slept at all, ive now seen my gt scratching too, no visiable signs yet, im at a lose as to what to do, i gently got my Jd out of the tank and held him to try to remove it but above water it cant be seen and im not about to start poking him with tweezers. anyone had any success treating this id love to hear from you.

    kuhlkid i forgot to say thank for all your help so far mate. Ive been looking too it seem difinatly like a worm but im not sure what kind, all the pictures ive seen of ancor wars have a split v tail this does not its it looks more like a bulb. i really wish i could get a better picture, i took loads before i came to work today so ill upload some more. It doesnt help that the tank is an old second hand one givin to me, so please excuse the scratchs it was not me.
  6. Shadow2331 Member Member

    It definitely looks like some kind of parasite not sure what it is
  7. BravetheBetta Well Known Member Member

    look for praziquantel and dose accordingly, esp. if your gt is starting to scratch too. good for both parasites AND gill flukes.
  8. kuhlkid Member Member

    Good advice--whatever this beastie is, money's on it being a parasite. I doubt it'd hurt to start treatment for parasites. Looking forward to those additional pictures, maybe they'll shine some light on things.
    And hey sure thing leelew32, that's what we're all here for :)
  9. leelew32 Initiate Member

    Oh Thanks guys i cant get praziquantel here in the uk but im going to use waterlife parazin, This is the closes i can get to the thing with my rubish phone camara Close up.png
  10. leelew32 Initiate Member

    Hi All, Ive been treating with Waterlife Parazin 20Tab: Garden & Outdoors
    im not sure how long i would need to wait before seing any improvements. As another note, Once i put in the meds yesterday i noticed he also has what looks like Callumanus (worms). Ive tread for those before but i was wondering if the above med was affecting them too as i had not seen those until i added the med. Could be just a coincident i guess. I can only assume my EBJ come with all these Nastys and would be about the right length of time for them to start showing up. I intend to complete this course of meds the start fenbendazole, ive used that oncve before.
  11. leelew32 Initiate Member

    It worked yay. I'm keeping the meds in u till Wednesday just in case then I may treat again just to be sure. Thanks all

    Never seen anything like that and don't want to ever again either

    For anyone that reads this waterline works well and appears to work on internal worms too
  12. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    What are the active ingredients- metronidazole is one isn't it?
  13. leelew32 Initiate Member

    They dont say, it say you won't find the ingredients in any other brand, but i doubt that.

    What ever is in it though it works