please help what size tank should i get Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by tropicalfish1981, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. tropicalfish1981New MemberMember

    :;thxhello everyone i am new to tropical fish keeping and i am unsure what size fish tank i should get. when i get my tank i hope to be purchasing 3 angelfish, 8 neon tetras and 6 guppys. i also would like some algae eating fish but i dont know that much about them so what type would be best. would all of these fish get on together OK. thanks and please help
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    Hello and Welcome to Fishlore! :;hi2

    Nice stocking list plan. But since you want to get some algae eating fish, I'd advise to replace the guppies with some ottos. You could get 5 of them and do nicely. And it's also advisable to have a pair of Angels rather than 3 of them as territorial issues will appear once they mature and one might get left out. For your size tank, you could get a 55 gallon? The bigger the better :) More responses from our other members are on the way, hang tight! :D
  3. JRDroidWell Known MemberMember

    get the biggest tank you can afford/fit. The general rule you are supposed to have one gallon of water per inch of fish. and i believe that is between 35 and 40 inches of fish so you would need at least that many gallons of water. Also i would get one a little bigger than that because you are going to want more fish after you get started. As far as algae eaters it really depends on what size tank you get on what is best for you. I personally really like oto's.
  4. Prince PowderWell Known MemberMember

    Hello and welcome to Fishlore!

    Before considering any fish there are a few links I'd like to give you which have some very important information on fishkeeping. The nitrogen cycle. It is extremely important to the health of your fish that you read and understand this. Fishless cycling. This goes hand in hand with the first link. The best way to prep your tank for the safe addition of fish is to cycle your tank before adding the fish.

      The beginners guide. A list of various articles compiled to help you get started the right way. If you read through these, it will answer most of your questions for getting started, anything it doesn't answer, ask and we are glad to help.

    If you already know this stuff, well then consider it a refresher course. :)

    Now, on to your post:

    As mentioned, the best thing when first starting out is to get the largest tank you can fit and afford. For the fish you have listed, a 55 gallon would probably be the smallest you would want to go. Your selections usually get along ok, however keep in mind that angels get pretty large and some members have had their angels eat their neon tetras. Other members have kept neons and angels together with no issues. It really depends on the fish though it often helps when you stock the angels last so they get accustomed to having the neons in their territory and it also helps when you get the angels while they are young so they grow up with the neons. In addition to getting longer, angels get to be very tall with their fins so it is best to keep them in tall tanks as opposed to long ones. 3 angels might work for a while as long as you have one male and two females or all females, however if you wind up with a breeding pair it is highly likely that you will have to rehome the third angel as the other two will get aggressive with the third, and possibly the other fish as well. With the guppies, it is best to have either 2 females for every 1 male or all females as well. Guppies, like all live bearers are very prolific breeders so with males in the tank you will most likely end up with babies at some point. Even with all females, you could wind up with babies if you accidentally get a female that is already pregnant. Plus, females guppies can actually store sperm for very long periods of time and even in an all female tank you could wind up with a female getting pregnant suddenly if she has been in a mixed sex tank before. For the algae eaters, it would depend on what size tank you wind up with. Otos are good algae eaters as mentioned. They are very sensitive fish that need very well established tanks so if you go with them you won't be able to safely add them for at least several months. In a larger tank, a small pleco species like the bristlenose pleco might work. Either way, whenever you mix larger fish with smaller fish it is smart to have alot of plants (real or fake) so that the little guys have a place to hide. The plants also help to break up territories for the larger fish so they can keep away from each other when they need to.

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