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    In my 20 gallon i have 1 betta and 10 guppies. i just noticed that my betta has velvet. How can i cure him. I dont have a quarantine tank for him. What should i do? The tanks been fine fore the last year. Please help
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    I found this online. @CindiL is the one that helps most of us with medical issues. Hope someone jumps in and can give you some help.
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    Velvet is hard to cure. It makes Ich look like a party.

    I have gotten it with formalin, a side ingredient in Ich meds. I have had species of Oodinium (velvet) that survived that, and were eliminated by Methelyne Blue, something that isn't supposed to be possible. It is a bunch of related parasites.
    Look at the meds available, pick one that says it kills velvet and fight the good fight. Remember to keep your water clean, as it thrives in acidic water in overfed tanks (I get it in fry tanks sometimes, because they are heavily fed and I have acid tapwater), and it needs light. You can't kill it with a blackout, but you can inconvenience it seriously and slow it.
    Once it's gone, you have to track the source. When I see velvet, I know I am doing something wrong. I have slacked on weekly water changes, overcrowded or overfed.
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  4. CindiLFishlore LegendMember

    Hi, welcome to the forum :)

    You can treat velvet with any ich medicines as they contain malachite green. It also is treatable like the article linked with copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is toxic to inverts and so is malachite green so just be aware.
  5. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    I don't mean to be rude and hijack the thread, but when you say inverts, do you mean shrimp? I ask because I just never found small shrimp appealing, so I have little experience.
    Snails, oh yes, I have snails. Malachite green has never set them back in any way I could see. I wish. When copper was an easy to get, off the shelf med in aquariums (the old aquarisol) it was superb for velvet, but you could see the effect on snails. I never had shrimp in those tanks.
    The unresearched (on my part) rumour was that copper was documented as sterilizing some male livebearers. Since I no longer used copper (it never harmed my killies), I never followed up. Have you ever run across that?

    Thanks. With my use of live artemia and my acid killie tanks, I am always on the lookout for velvet. It's been a couple of years, but the risk is always there. The more info I can get...
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    I did mean shrimp too as well as snails. I have never used copper because I have lots of shrimp and I know it would kill them off but I have used malachite green though that was when I didn't have shrimp in that tank. It killed my 2 of my 3 nerites, I felt so bad as I didn't realize. One did survive. I also have alot of malaysian trumpet snails and it killed many though definitely not all of them either.
    I have used paraguard in my shrimp tank at half dose though and the shrimp seemed to ok with it so it might come down to that they can tolerate a small amount, just not a full dose of it.
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    Will this treatment harm live plants
  8. CindiLFishlore LegendMember

    I don't believe I've had much problems with malachite green and my plants. Plants don't love any medicines but some will really cause them problems like nitrofurazone or methylene blue etc.

    Your other option is to do a double dose 30-60 minute bath every day in a bucket.