Please Help!!!!!!! (urgent) Sick Angelfish

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    I recently brought home two new mollies and unfortunately one of the mollies had ich. It soon spread throughout my tank and even killed two of my Yoyo loaches. I treated the tank with API general cure and API aquarium salt and got rid of the ich. My Anglefish got over it, but now has fungus growing all over his fins and eyes. Please help I don’t know what I would do with my aquarium if he dies and he isn’t looking good. I need to know if the salt that is currently in the aquarium to treat the ich will work on the fungal infection, and if not how can I treat it.
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    Here’s his eye

    You can kind of see his fins here

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    Can you look at columnaris for me and see if it looks similar? I'm a little colorblind, and the colors just aren't working for me...
    How long ago were the mollies introduced?
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