Please help!! Tetras dying...big help needed! Confused!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by davidg1013, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. davidg1013New MemberMember

    hi and thanks as this is my first post...HELP please!

    My neon tetras are dying fast in the past 2 weeks after buying 6 new ones from Petco. I had 4 in there already and wanted to get more for them to swim together in. Also have 3 catfish (1 died) and 2 glow fish.

    My 30 gallon tank has been up and running fine for 2 yrs. Always bought my fish at a pvt fish store until he went out of business and i had no choice but to go to Petco. No major probs at all other then usual loss of a few fish over that period of time. Otherwise all have been great!

    So i went and bought 6 tetras (already had 4 tetras in tank doing fine for months) and I came home acclimated correctly as always and now after 2 weeks ALL are dead except for 1 left today!!!! I never had any probs w my tank until i brought these fish home. I also lost 1 catfish in this time and till then i had 4 that were solid as could be in there until these new tetras.

    My readings are PH 7.6..yes i know thats not ideal but its in the range and my tank has been established w no such rapid dying in over 2 years...I do reg changes n cleanings to the letter! My ammonia is normal too...The only thing I add which ive had no probs w is salt after each cleaning water change (yes i put in proper amount..only what i take out!).....

    Bottom line is I am pretty positive its the fish i got from Petco...and its strange it affected only th e other Tetras i had in there (besides the one catfish) as well. I had a total of 10 tetras and after 2 weeks i have now ONE............I could see MAYBE the 6 from petco dying but why then my other tetras that were fine before then? disease???

    bad fish? diseased? They had no spots o nthem or day normal and next day dead...My water temp is steady at 75...not over feeding.....The only other thing I Hve done differently is use a new vacuum...its stronger then the last one i had (w the lil bag on it battery operated)...did it suck too much when cleaning and open up a plume of something?????????

    I went to my other fish store i found and the guy was terrible. He tested my water and again i knew the readings and although not perfect 7.0 the previous fish were fine in it all these months ...UNTIL i put in the Petco i knew he would simply saying my PH was high and he sold me the ph buffers (not ph down but the buffers instead)....I DONT THINK ITS THE PH....again it was that reading 2 years ago exactly..and i know a stable ph is better then a fluxing one.....Should i stop trying to bring it down in fear of the change killin my other fish?

    Each day they are dying and im down to one...I have done a 40% change 2 days ago and after todays death i did a 10% change.....

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should i try 6 more tetras from a new store or?????????????
  2. YeoyWell Known MemberMember

    Hi and welcome. Firstly, don't buy any more fish until your tank is stable! Neon tetras are notoriously bad, from chain stores. They can and do make healthy neons sick very quickly too. Sometimes you just have to wait and see what happens to your tank.

  3. davidg1013New MemberMember

    Thank you kindly ! I'm down to 1 tetra left...feel bad for it wo a school as it had. Should I just hold my ground n see if it survives for a week or so?? Literally have been losing 1-2 tetras a day since the new ones. I think I'm going to stop the ph dosing to bring it down too....If this last tetra dies, would it be safe to buy new ones or would the water still have something in it or was it just the fish itself? Ughhhh

    My 2 neons are fine n the 3 cats are fine, altho I did lose one during this time..hoping it was just 1 and doesn't spread to the other 3....

    Sorry for the ramblings..Just stressed....and thank you for the reply!

  4. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Its very possible you had some that had a disease and transmitted them to the rest of the bunch.
    What you should do in the future is set up a QT tank ( 5 or 10 gallons ) to use for any fish that you plan on putting in the community tank. Its very important and unfortunately, not a lot of people do this. The main reason as you have learned is that its possible for any fish, not just neons to transmit a disease and kill the rest of the tank.

    Also, what are you using for testing? Strips? Liquid test kit? Just because you have had a tank running for a long time doesn't mean something has changed with the water parameters. That should be the first thing you invest in to make sure your water is safe.

    I know this doesn't help your fish that passed away ( I'm very sorry about that ) but maybe can prevent any problems in the future...

  5. Faber1790Valued MemberMember

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry for you fish losses. What are your exact ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings? What test kit do you use? Personally, I wouldn't worry about your pH. Fish are very adaptable to a variety of pH levels, the problem is when the pH is not stable.
  6. davidg1013New MemberMember

    Thank you!! I have the liquid test kits. I also had them tested at this other fish store n they matched mine. I really think it was just a bad batch of fish. My 2 glows n 3 catfish are fine n so is the 1 tetra's like when the others died there were no warning signs...least that I saw but overnight can't be sure...yes I agree w the holding tank not sure how to do that so I'll have to look into it. Thank u again for the help!
  7. davidg1013New MemberMember

    I had the water tested by the shop yesterday n he said the only thing a bit off was my ph, which again I knew about...but after 2 years of it staying steady, I knew stability was best...Last 2 days I took shop owners advice n tried the buffer dose (2 so far) to get it down slowly to 7.2ish but I think I'm going to discontinue that n leave it be!! The guy was very off putting n disregarded the idea, that I just had a bad batch of going to relax n hold strong n hope whatever this was has run its course. Ive done all the preventive things I could do...I did another water change after today's death n Im worried bout too many changes may hurt it...Like the first replyer said, I think here I need to wait n see...I'd like to get to at least few days in a row before I breathe easy...Feel bad for the lone tetra but adding new fish isn't the best idea yet... If I can get thru the week n no more deaths, then I will....doin my best!
  8. davidg1013New MemberMember

    Would you guys suggest a medication to the tank??? Stress Coat??? There were no signs of disease on the other spots etc...The only thing I add is salt per cleaning. And only a tablespoon (30gallon tank...and only enough to what water I take out.).... I use water conditioner but that's all..thanks again for help
  9. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    I would not use anything to lower or raise your ph. This is very dangerous to do. Your fish will normally adapt to whatever ph is in the tank as long as it doesn't swing high or low drastically. Neons are pretty sensitive to changes like that.
    What I would do is just keep doing water changes and keep an eye on your remaining fish. I would also suggest getting a QT tank.
    If you are going to get any more fish, this is really needed. This way you can make sure they don't infect anyone else and you should be able to keep them in there for 14 days to be sure.
    My last batch of Cardinals infected my QT tank that had 14 fish altogether. Luckily I only lost 7 but I had to treat the entire tank for a fungus. This came on within 2 days too. If I had put these fish in my main tank, I could have infected the rest of my 30 fish.
  10. davidg1013New MemberMember

    Yea I did 2, 1/4 doses of this buffer, once a day, but I'm going to stop that. When you say keep doing water changes, how many do u mean? 2 days ago I did a 40% n today another 20% because of the 1 death. When would u do another??Next cleaning or before that even?? Thanks for your help, much appreciated!:)
  11. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    I would do at least another 50% water change. Are you using PRIME as your conditioner? If so, you will need to wait 24 hours until you test your water parameters.

    Just keep a close eye on your fish to see if they are acting unusual ( rubbing up against objects ) if there are any white spots or fuzz on them. I would keep up the water changes every few days based on what your water params tell you.
  12. davidg1013New MemberMember

    Update~ The last Tetra died overnight, so I now have none! That's 4 original Tetra n the 6 new ones I bought at Petco n 1 catfish dead! I now have only 2 glows and 3 catfish in the tank. They all seem fine....Is it common that it could be just primarily effected the Tetras??

    Another 50% really?..Will all this water changing hurt the others? ....Should I do a full vacuuming too? Or just a water change only? I use a tap water conditioner, can't recall which.....which has been fine for 2 years basically. Switch??? Think I'll do the next change w spring water....I really think it was a disease and not my water...Like I said, this was the first time I ever got fish from a chain store. My original pvt store closed......

    Thank you for your help!! I'll keep updating this :)
  13. davidg1013New MemberMember

    Ps~ Should I add Stress Coat? Salt? Or another medication when I do these changes?
  14. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    You may get different opinions, but IMO Petco and Petsmart usually do not carry healthy fishes. I have bought a few from them and the majority of them from there have died.

    As far as the water conditioner, I'd suggest Prime as the best one. Most members on the forum use it as well.

    Water changes will not harm your fishes. Normal test readings are: 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites and 0-20 (ideally) Nitrates. If you are having any ammonia or nitrites, then that is toxic for the fishes health and well being. If so, I'd suggest performing 40-50% daily (no less than 24 hours in between each one) water changes.

    Too, adding a bunch of chemicals to buff this and that is harmful to your tank cycle as well. Doing so can mess up your cycle in the tank.

    I suggest sticking to what others have suggested. Clean water, no ammonia and nitrates with a proper feeding to your fishes will help in keeping everything under control. Make sure, too, that you aren't feeding them more than they can eat in 45 seconds to a minute. The stomach of a fish is no bigger than one of their eyes. So imagine how quick a fish can fill their stomach.

    Alex :)
  15. davidg1013New MemberMember

    I agree! Appreciate the help!! I'm going to do a 50% change today....then let it be....Should I do a vacuum clean w this change today or JUST a water change only?
  16. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    You're welcome, david.

    I would do a 40-50% water change and vacuum as well.
  17. davidg1013New MemberMember

    Great! Thank you! I just went n bought Prime...Checked my nitrite level n it's "0"...Ph is holding at 7.6 (it's been that from day 1,2 years ago...and never seem to be an issue.) My ammonia is one shade above normal....I'm going to do the 50% w vacuum today. Thanks again for the help!!!
  18. fishynoobWell Known MemberMember

    I think that I have heard prime can give you a false positive if testing with api? maybe others can confirm/deny this?
  19. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    That is false, Fishynoob. I've done a lot of research when I first heard that and it doesn't affect the results of any API testing kit.
  20. fishynoobWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you for clearing that up :)

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