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  1. akcarroll12 Member Member

    My betta in the tank was healthy yesterday. Now he is suddenly dark grey and his tail looks stringy. I had no idea how he couldve gotten fin and body rot overnight!
  2. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd check the LFS. Maybe it encounters the same thing. If so you could get a refund or new fish. Also check the Ph-difference betwern the lfs and your water. As mentioned it lioks like shock.

    Active swimming first doesn't tell they're okay. It stresstelated.
  3. akcarroll12 Member Member

    My betta died along with another cory
  4. akcarroll12 Member Member

    I have zero idea what this could be as my water is completely fine. There is very small chance my local pet store had diseases in their water as I have been going there for a long time. They gave great fish and products and I have had no issues. Plus their fish are in top shape. And I doubt it is stress. Yesterday I had ten healthy active fish. Now I have two. There are no visable symptoms and it’s like swim win swim, fall down to sand, die. Literally. And the swimming isn’t stressful. They are just peacefully swimming eating. They aren’t schooled together, which I think means no stress. I really want to get rid of whatever this weird disease is before I have no fish. Could it possible be a worm? Could there have been a parasite in the frozen bloodworms they ate?
  5. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    Unlikely but yes, freezing will kill off most but not all organisms that can harm your fish. I dont know of any parasites that kill that quickly. It would be a bad evolutionary move to kill your host within a couple days if you need it to feed or reproduce. Most otherwise healthy fish can fight off a parasitic infection for a very long time. Only when their immune system is weakend by an other stressor do signs even emerge they are carrying a parasite.
    I have kept corries and a male betta together, the betta was deffinatlythe aggressor. He harrassed them so much it actually took a tole on him. His deep blue coloring faded and his fins became a little ragged, but I never saw a corrie fight back. After almost 2 weeks he started showing signs of a bacterial infection. I moved the him back to his own solo tank and treated with melafix. He is fine and gorgeous again and I found a tank mate he gets along with, or at least is so fast he doesnt bother, a spotted hill stream loach. The corries went on to produce hundreds of offspring for me.
    Are you doing daily water changes? Did you examine the betta? You may be able to take him to the pet store and have someone there see if they can determine C.O.D. Most Vets wont mess with fish and the cost is simply not feasable. As inhumane as it sounds you can sterilize, re-cycle and re-stock the tank for much less than a trip to the vet.
  6. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Thank you - I saw a little hole an a cories gill in it was reddish. What could this be? He is moving very slowly but swimming around. My young Cory acts fine, coming to greet me every time she sees me and destroying the substrate for food. They are the only two fish in tank. Do I qt the sickly one in a 10 g so my lively one doesn’t get sick? Do I need to add more fish soon so there isn’t any stress as there being 1 fish in the school in a 29 g after I determain I’ve caught the sickness?
  7. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Here is a dead Cory. What’s up with his gills? Is it a fluke? How can I treat a fluke? How fast does it take for a fluke to fatal?

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  8. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    I didn't mean your LFS is causing this but maybe they encounter the same issues and / or can be of help.
    They're selling living animals and are depending on what they get from the wholesaler. Think every LFS now and then has sick fish.

    Does the dead cory still has its barbels?
  9. akcarroll12 Member Member

  10. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    OK. Hard to see in the pic !
    Looks a bit like red blotch disease.
  11. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Sorry - I don’t think red blotch disease happens that fast though... right?
  12. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    It definitely can, but your first pic doesn't show the symptoms so that makes me doubt
  13. akcarroll12 Member Member

    That’s the tricky thing. They don’t give really any symptoms. They swim, they hide, they isolate, they die.
  14. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    yeah but the last one shows reddish spots.
  15. akcarroll12 Member Member

    I thought it was a fluke, but he wasn’t gasping or rubbing. Another thing, that was the only red area and it showed up in that last couple hours.
  16. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    grrrr mystery
  17. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Sadly the others will probably get what the others had because I do t know how to treat it. After I have an empty tank, what should I do? Empty the water and start all over?
  18. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    Do more than empty
    If you haven't at least called the pet shop you should that way they can isolate those fish as a precaution if nothing else.
    The gills in the last pic aren't that clear but the area behind is a concern. If they pass on, and statistically it's sorry to say they will. I would be sure to sterilize any equipment you use on that tank. Vacuums nets and such you should do now. Then be sure not to use those on anything else until they have been bleached.
    I definitely wouldn't reuse anything in that tank that cant be boiled or sterilized in bleach. Most things can be scrubbed out to remove the residue bleach leaves and then a few high doses of dechlor will remove it prio to reusing the tank and the gear.
  19. akcarroll12 Member Member

    OK so now my one and only Cory is swimming so much, eating, and chasing his reflection. Is this just normal behavior? She has always been a big swimmer but has been in deep hiding for a couple of days, and for a few moments I had thought she had died. Now she is doing some serious swimming. Do you think she recovered from the ‘plague’?
  20. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    They dont do well alone. The swimming may be nerves from that or from what ever attacked the rest of the fish.