Please Help! Sick Corys

  1. akcarroll12 Member Member

    i had 8 healthy Albino Cories yesterday who were the joy of my life in a cycled 30 g tank. Now it’s 5. One is lying in his back gasping at the bottom. He is literally at death’s door. Like, 10 minutes ago he was swimming around. He is the one in the pic. I was removing him cuz I though him dead but I accidentally smashed his tail and he jerked and fell upside down to the bottom. One Cory is still playing around in bubbles and fine but the others are laying clustered barely moving. There is no ammonia or nitrates. It all happened over night. What could have happened???? @Coradee

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  2. devin s. Member Member

    Check your temperature immediately. If it is above the normal level you need to cool it. If another dies, look at its body and see if you see anything strange. I know from experience that cories can die from
    - higher temps above recommended level
    - high levels of stress (being transferred, new tank mates etc.)
    - Being in low #'s (This isn't your case though)

    just see if you can find older threads on this topic until a more experienced person can help.
  3. akcarroll12 Member Member

    It is at 79 degrees. I did add new cories recently though. But they were healthy. I have no idea what could’ve changed about there environment to cause 2 dead in 20 minutes that were active an hour before.

    I believe the substrate is ok I think. It isn’t really fine.
  4. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Do you have chemicals in your reservoir of tank equipment? Did there any way you could have accidentally added something with copper in it?
  5. akcarroll12 Member Member

    No, I don’t believe so. I woke up and found one dead, quickly removed it. A few hours later, another dead, an hour later my most active one an hour before died. That was 30 minutes ago. And I think the poor guy mentioned above just died. I did a 10% water change and dosed it with water conditioner. I also added a tbsp of aq salt.
  6. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    How long ago did you add the new corries, and how many? If it was within a day or two it could still be osmotic shock or stress from transport taking its toll.
  7. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Do a 50% as you don't want salt with cories, they don't react well. Check all your parameters
  8. akcarroll12 Member Member

    3 days. I added 6 to an old pair I raised. But the newbies were so active, right at home and looked healthy. There was a new one that was isolating himself though and maybe he was harboring a disease. I was excited and stupid enough to not qt them. But the old ones died along with new so I don’t think it’s shock or stress. and my water parameters are same as always - 0 ppm ammonia and nitrate, but I don’t know about nitrite cuz I ran out of test drops for it. But I think it’s low cuz a day or two ago I took water to my local pet store to have it tested and they were perfect. and I haven’t done anything out of ordinary. The testing was after new fish.
  9. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    Agree very low salt is OK and even recommended dose for short periods is OK but salt is not good for them. Deaths within 3 days is fast for something they harbored to kill an established fish. Especially since there doesn't seem to be any outward signs of infection on the pics you posted. Columnaris can work that fast but there would be clear signs you don't have.

    Can't tell from your profile, you have other tanks up with no problems? Just ruling out water company adding cloramine or ammonia
  10. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Yes, betta tanks. They are doing great thanks. When other fish sick, I go to my trusty hardy bettas to make me feel better :)
  11. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    Those corrie are tough as nails too I bred albinos the last 2 years up until a month ago. I wish I had more for you. How did the gills look on the ones you removed? Had they gone darker than normal? Do the rest have any abnormal color or specs. If it is something they got from the new fish it is either viral which you can't do anything about, or something that attacks vital functions like breathing to act that fast. I would still focus more on their water quality right now be sure new tank water is same temp and test regularly for all you can at home.
  12. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Thank you - It is strange. I studied another dead one and it looked completely fine. I studied it’s gills and they looked just like the other healthy ones.

    I will definetly take your suggestions. The last four are fairly active. When I’m not looking, they move a lot :) I have a camera around. so hopefully with a water change, I will be able to get rid of what ever it was. I sure learned my lesson about qting!

    Ps - the last ones swim dart around but they do do a lot of lounging. Are they bored. I doubt they are sick.
  13. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    The pictures do look like a healthy fish that expired. It could be a combination of: stress to the established fish from having 6 more suddenly show up and stress to the new fish from being moved there. Yes definitely start putting fish in qt but I still think its not something they brought as much as them being brought in. I always have a tank ready at the exact specs they came out of before I receive fish. I recently had an order of Blue Acara get lost by the USPS after snow storm Hunter. They showed up out of the blue 7 days later and all were alive. During the next 4 days I lost 2 but the rest made it. Stress is hard on them, if the old fish are aging it is even harder for them which could explain the cross over. Please keep us up to date on them.
  14. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Thaank you! That is helpful to know. I will definetly keep y’all updated in the future.
  15. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    Other than popping the surface for extra air "nomal in Corries for extra engery since they can extract o2 in their intestines" darting isn't normal. They only have 3 speeds: casual and looking for something to eat, ever so slightly faster than casual and looking for something to eat or mate with, and asleep; unless something is stressing them.
  16. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    You keep saying you have no nitrates. If that is true your tank is not cycled. Did you mean 0 nitrites.
  17. Disturbed.) Initiate Member

    If you dropped 6 new corries into a 30, bag water and all, and they had been in the bags for a while the ammonia build up in the bags could have spiked the tank. Stressing the bejesis out of everything but not showing a reading by the time you tested. Any time you add new fish you want to get them to the right temp by floating but dump them through a net and not add that water. Depending on when you did the test you may not have noticed the nitrites go up either but they usually take longer to level out after adding more to the bio load.
  18. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    You never add the water from the bag to the tank. Ammonia is your least of your worries. Diseases can be transferred from the water. Ammonia in the bag added to a tank full of water would have little affect on your overall ammonia level. A bag of water diluted by 20 gallons or so of water would have very little affect.
  19. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Another Cory dead

    I did not put the bag water in the tank. I put them in the net then transferred them to the tank after acclaiming. It is possible a mm or so of water got into the tank. Could that affect the health of the fish?
  20. akcarroll12 Member Member

    Yes sorry