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    So I recently purchased a used 150 gallon tank. I decided to fill it in my garage just in case it decided to spring a leak on me. It held water with no issues at all, but I decided to just keep it in the garage while it cycled, just to be safe. Everything was going fine for a couple weeks, then one morning, I walk into the garage to see a nearly empty tank!!! Just a couple inches of water was left! Based on my research, I assume the leak resulted from the tank being unlevel. Again, it was in the garage, where I have a sloped floor, and while I tried my best to level it, it was still a bit off.
    So I decided to repair the seal. Long story short, it failed. I may have filled it too soon (I waited about a day and a haIf). I started stripping off the silicone again, and I definitely noticed that the seam was a lot thicker near that corner than it was toward the middle of the tank, meaning there was much more space (filled with silicone) between the panels. I decided then that maybe it was best to just take out the whole bottom panel and reseal it. I took off the brace and that's when I saw that the bottoms of the back and side panels did not line up right... They weren't flush with each other, meaning there was a nice gap between the back panel and the bottom near the corner. I'm going to add some pictures to better explain it.

    So now I have questions...

    1. Can I still repair the seam/seal it like that?
    2. If not, should I consider taking off the top trim to see if the top is even and then seal the bottom to the top and just flip it over? Doesn't seem like a great idea, but what if someone tried to fix it before and accidentally sealed the bottom to the top? You never know!
    3. Should I just take it all completely apart and go from there?
    4. Am I totally screwed?

    Please tell me the answer to #4 isn't yes, because my husband was strongly against me buying the tank (he's not a fan of my hobby) and if this tank was a waste of money, I will NEVER hear the end of it and how my "fish shenanigans" are out of control!

    Here are the pictures

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    I have a feeling your used tank was poorly resealed by the seller. It would be a good idea to contact a local glass company, or a mom & pop aquarium shop to have a professional resealing done. Too much risk involved dealing with such a large tank.
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    Problem with mom and pop aquarium stores is that they’re unlikely to do the job due to liability issues. They’re business is to sell fish, tanks and aquarium not repair or restore unless it’s something they sold under “as is”.

    A local glass company is a good idea. I would call them up and see if they can but you will want to check to see if they have aquarium rates silicon to do the work. If they don’t offer to supply it to them. Last thing you want is a seal that leaches harmful chemicals killing your fish and asking people here wants going on.
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    Thanks for the advice! I didn't even think about contacting a glass company. Fingers crossed!!