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  1. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    I'm not noticing anything like that, but it is hard since he's white and so pale right now. and yes, I normally take out my tank thermometer to measure the new water before putting it in.
  2. Goldiemom Member Member

    I didn’t cycle my first time either and lost several fish. We all live and learn. That’s why Fishlore members are so great. You don’t have to go at it alone. Good luck. Prayers for your little fish.
  3. fishferfun Member Member

    Prayers definitely!

    I’m not sure what the difference would be in the Beta Fix that’s specifically for bettas. Would be interesting to know. Here’s a video I found that I think is promising. I like how he said he uses half the dose and ups the water changes. (excuse the two cuss words at the end:/)

    Sounds like you have some options with this and @Goldiemom’s recommendation. And maybe someone else will chime in. Keep us posted!!!

  4. Goldiemom Member Member

  5. fishferfun Member Member

    This is why I love this forum. It makes me do so much research :) ....I’m sorry this one has to be about Stonebridge’s illness though :(
  6. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    I browsed forums like this before getting a fish, but never actually participated since I didn't have my own fish. I'm really thankful to you guys for replying so quickly and being nonjudgemental even though I've made mistakes. I'm determined to help Stonebridge in every way that I can, and I feel confident I'm doing the right thing with everyone's advice, so thanks so much!
  7. fishferfun Member Member

    How’s everything going?!
  8. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    I wish I had good news to report, unfortunately Stonebridge passed away 2 days ago. I'm very sad, and I already miss him a lot, but I'm glad that he isn't suffering anymore. I brought a water sample to the pet store where I purchased him from just to be sure that my test kit wasn't faulty or I was using it incorrectly. They said my water seemed safe for a fish. They also said they couldn't see anything wrong with his body either. I assume he had some sort of internal problem or infection.
    I was offered another fish by the pet store since he got sick so quickly after purchase, but I've decided to wait a while and make sure my tank is properly cycled and habitable.
    Thank you all so much for your help. I truly appreciate it and I'll be sure to use this site again if I need more help in the future.
  9. Goldiemom Member Member

    So sorry for your loss. RIP, Stonebridge.
  10. fishferfun Member Member

    Oh no! Darn it. Well you were a great fish mommy:)

    You have a lot of tools in your box for next time;)
  11. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    Yes, I am definitely going to try again in the future! For now I'm just going to be a snail mommy lol