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  1. fishferfun Member Member

    The salt will be good to have on hand for salt baths anyway, if you decide not to use it for Stonebridge right now
  2. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    For sure, It can't hurt to have on hand!
  3. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    Hey everyone, it's me again. I hope you see this message. I'm still very worried about my fish. He doesn't seem any livelier or more comfortable at all, even with the water change and addition of stress coat. I'm just curious if it seems normal for him to look this sickly, even though my ammonia level is 0. I can understand the importance of having a properly cycled tank, but I don't understand why my fish seems so sick even though the water levels appear okay on the test. Should I remove him from the tank and keep him somewhere else? I'm just very worried for him.
  4. Goldiemom Member Member

    Unless you have another cycled tank, it won’t do any good to move him. Are you using Prime to handle the ammonia and nitrites/nitrates?
  5. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    yes, I've always used Prime for water changes
  6. Goldiemom Member Member

    Add it every 48 hours. Let’s see what some of the beta people can suggest on what else could be wrong with him.
  7. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    Okay, I'll try that, thank you so much.
  8. Goldiemom Member Member

    He looks so sick. I feel bad for him. I wonder if he could have parasites. Perhaps treating him for those could help.
  9. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    I know, I feel horrible. He looked so well, and then suddenly he looks awful. I got him from a pretty nice local pet store, all of their fish seemed to be in good condition, but I suppose I can't rule out the possibility. I just feel so horrible looking at him. I'm wondering if I should return him to the pet store so he may have a chance of feeling better.
  10. Goldiemom Member Member

    You could at least see what they say.
  11. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    I called them and they said they can't risk their current fish being infected with something since they don't have a quarantine tank and their filtration system is all connected :(
  12. fishferfun Member Member

    Prime isn’t going to do anything if there isn’t any ammonia or nitrites.

    Has he eaten at all? Does he have any signs of lesions or any noticaeble different on the outside?
  13. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    I fed him 2 bloodworms this morning. He's very excited to eat, he swims right up to the top when I remove the tank lid. And no, his body looks normal to me except being pale and having clamped fins. I can't see any wounds or anything that looks abnormal.
  14. Goldiemom Member Member

    I told him to use the Prime because it appears the tank hasn’t cycled. He also has no nitrates. Eventually, with the fish in tank he will see ammonia and nitrites go up. I don’t want such an ill fish being exposed to that too.
  15. fishferfun Member Member

    Yeah but if she does water changes daily, the trace amount of ammonia won’t be able to increase and my guess will probably decrease since one Betta isn’t going to produce much waste. It’s questionable whether there is any in the first place. But I have to agree that it wouldn’t hurt anything because I have been known to be wrong lol

    I have heard good things about a product called Betta Fix. As a disclaimer, I have not used it myself. However I’ve heard great things. And I think you can get it at most pet stores. My guess would be an internal parasite. I think it’s a good sign he’s still eating.

    Don’t feel bad! You’re giving him all you got girl!

    What’s your water temp?

    Never mind:) saw it’s at 80. That should be good.
  16. Goldiemom Member Member

    There is a product called “Lifeguard” that I used when one of my fish were sick and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It’s a broad spectrum agent that treats a number of things including parasites, ich, clamped fins, etc. You can get it at Walmart. My fish perked up with it. May be worth a try. It’s made by Tetra.
  17. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    @fishferfun @Goldiemom Thank you both so much. I feel very stressed and your advice is really helping me. I feel guilty about it because I thought the tank was cycled. I hope my ignorance doesn't kill my poor fish.
    Is there anything else I could do for the tank besides doing daily water changes with conditioner and adding stress coat? I just really want to make sure I'm doing everything I can for him. I'll definitely look into the products you both recommended as well.
  18. fishferfun Member Member

    Don’t feel bad because of that. People keep bettas in little bowls that aren’t cycled! But the key to that is frequent water changes. He doesn’t get stressed when you change it does he?
  19. Stonebridge1212 Initiate Member

    No he doesn't seem stressed, I've been feeding him with a blue bulb syringe and my syphon is blue as well, so he swims right up the syphon because I think he thinks food will come out lol. I always pour the new water in away from him too, but he doesn't really seem to mind it. I feel slightly hopeful for him because he doesn't seem to be declining in condition. He seems about the same as he did the past few days, maybe even slightly more active. so hopefully that's a sign he's not getting worse.
  20. fishferfun Member Member

    It would be hard to tell because he’s light colored but do you see any little white spots on him?

    And do you warm the new water to 80 degrees when you do water changes?