Please help,my fish have dropsy


please can any one help,I know my fish have dropsy and have bought treatment but it doesn't seem to be  working,I am gutted I love my family of fish and really don't want to lose any more,it has now affected my fighter,my pleco,and two of my gouramii(1 male and 1 female)I have already lost two female gouramii


What size tank are we talking about? What are your water test readings(ammonia?, Nitrite ?, Nitrate? ). How long has the tank been running ? Sorry to ask so many questions but the answers will help us help you.
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my tank has been running now for 6 months,
ph 7.0
Nitrate 40
Nitrite 0.50
Amonia 0.25
do regular water changes,and don't over feed them,my tank is 30 inch long by 12 inches deep by 18 inches high, I think its 20.4 gallons I have in there
1 Pleco
3 x-ray tetra
1 blue boy siamese fighter
1 male dwarf gouramI and two females
2 long loaches

is this too many fish?
I have a juwel filter and all the sponges are the correct ones and in the correct place,I have bought some treatment for the dropsy but it hasnt helped .put in the initial dose then 4 days later I put the other dose in .no difference though I will be megga gutted if I lose anymore 


I would recommend daily 50% water changes to get the nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate levels down. I am not a big fan of adding a lot of chemicals to get the water to change. Start with the water changes with conditioner and give it a couple of days. You will be amazed how fast the water will clean up with just water changes.
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many thanx 'Tumbleweed' ill try that nlet u know

hI guys managed to get nitrite and nitrate down to 0ppm,amonia still 0.25 and ph is 7.6,and high range ph is 8.0,have got some ph up and down so will correct that in a mo,but I think my fighter is giving up,hes in the floating sick bay ,is trying to eat but not doin to well and occasionally coming up for air,am really gutted now he keeps comin up then sinkin again,see pic, don't think he'll last the night. :-[ :'(

sorry don't know how to resizepic but WILL LEARN,can any one tell me what kind of loach this is,and what plec I have plZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

told u I d learn to resize, lol

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