Please Help My Betta

  1. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    So I found my betta like this:

    The tank is cycled :

    So the tank is 28l and is about 2 weeks old (the first week was cycling and I added some cycled media and water from my main planted display tank), the Betta inside is a koi HMPK betta that I got around easter 2017, I got him online when he was 4 months old.

    The first pic looks murkey as I just did a 50% water change.

    He is breathing but just lies on the ground, there is no visible deformations on him.

    I really need help!

  2. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Is the tank truly cycled?
    You have .50ppm of ammonia in the tank. That's the reason for why the betta is laying there.

    Do a large water change, and retest the water.

  3. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    I think the ammonia if from some Java fern in the tank, one of the leaves were rotting, I have removed the ferns.
  4. ashark8me Member Member

    I really hope you tested the water before you did the water change, because if not it means the ammonia was much higher.

    I am not convinced the tank was properly cycled. If it was, then you have another serious problem like some massive overfeeding because you shouldn't have that much ammonia (or really any at all) in a cycled tank. Either it wasn't really cycled or something happened to cause a major spike.

  5. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    I've done a 50% and will retest in an hour or so to let it settle.
  6. ashark8me Member Member

    Ah ok we were posting at the same time. I would rested post water change and consider using some seachem Prime to help neutralize the ammonia. Please make sure to use water that is the same temp at least so you don't shock this fish further.

    Prime is a short term solution to help with ammonia, but it will buy you some time. I hope he recovers.
  7. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    The test was before the water change


    My LFS closes at 6:30 and takes about 20mins to get to.

    I'll test the water in a bit and I hope he recovers too.

  8. ashark8me Member Member

    :emoji_fingers_crossed: fingers crossed he gets to feeling better quick!
  9. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Update- so I tested the water and ammonia had gone down to 0.25ppm .

    He isn't showing signs of improvement though so I took a few handfuls of (cycled) biological media from my display and chucked it in his tank in the hope it will stabilise over the next day or so.

    I also did a 25 % water change as the tank was still cloudy, I'll update more in the morning .

  10. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    He survived the night but no improvement

  11. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Update- before I continue I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped out.

    However, sadly Dilbert (my betta) passed away this afternoon.

    Again, thank you everyone I really appreciated all the help given