Please help me with tank ideas for my 6 bettas?

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    You may recognize me from the baby betta thread. :/ Anyway...
    So I have all of my 6 bettas on my kitchen table, and I will probably end up putting a tank or two in my room. (They are all adults). One has fin rot, one has septicemia and swim bladder disorder. I want to give them all an upgrade... meaning a tank of 2+ gallons each with filters. I'm only going to worry about adding heaters after summer is over.
    I'm thinking I'll have to use 5-10 gallon tanks with dividers with 2 fish in each tank. Just a heads up, I haven't checked any tank's ammonia or nitrate levels. And I do about 25-50% weekly water changes in all of the filtered tanks and usually full water changes in the unfiltered tanks. Also, I have found that a gravel vacuum does not work so well in 1 gallon tanks. Oh, and I have switched 5 out of 6 of them to Hikari pellets a couple days ago, which they seem to enjoy. What I need help with is filter and tank recommendations and additional care/cleaning suggestions. Here are the details of each of my betta's tanks and health:

    Sonny- He is one of my two males is in a 2.5 gallon tank with the TOM mini internal filter, so he's doing pretty well. The tank has not cycled yet or is at the very beginning. I am choosing to start the nitrogen cycle with him in it. He has a moss ball that he likes to rest by, but I would like to put some sort of hideaway in there that he fits into and is not sharp. Any suggestions?
    Ziva- I just moved her into an uncycled 1 gallon tank with a filter. I put about a 1/2 gallon of her previous unfiltered tank water into her current tank (I believe the filter has some beneficial bacteria from previous use though). She seems to be happy and healthy.
    Leslie- She is in a 1 gallon filtered tank. The cycle started over almost a month ago when I washed the entire tank and gravel. She seems to be doing well.
    Toby- He is in the same type of tank as Leslie. But I had a plastic plant in there and I think he did cut his fins on it. Of course I've removed the plant by now. Not absolutely sure on that, but he somehow has fin rot. It took me awhile to notice, so it has become pretty bad in his tail area. His behavior seems normal, maybe just a little more lethargic than usual. I did put medicine in his tank and unplugged the filter so it wouldn't absorb it. I think the medicine is mostly gone and I plugged the filter back in. I will be giving him some almond leaves and/or higher quality betta medicine very soon.
    Stella- She has had it the roughest out of my 6 adults (and the only one from PetCo-- go figure). I didn't know that I could help alleviate her swim bladder issues with medicine, so I recently gave her some powerful medicine to alleviate that and to alleviate her septicemia/red streaks on her head and body. I am weening her off of the meds and giving her something of higher quality soon. She's been doing the best she has been in months. But unfortunately, she is in an unfiltered 1/2 gallon tank.
    Lana- She is in the same type of tank as Stella. I had put her in the same tank as Ziva a couple months ago, and they hurt each other but not severely. (That was when I figured they would get along when I thought my 2 female babies were getting along). Needless to say, I've learned my lesson and they were together only about an hour. They seem to have be recovering just fine.

    Even a little bit of help is appreciated. :) Thanks in advance.

  2. Dom90 Fishlore VIP Member

    The best you can do is multiple 5 or 10 gallon tanks with dividers. Make sure they are all filtered and heated. You could risk doing a betta sorority with the females but I heard you need at least 7 or 8 in a minimum 30 gallon tank with lots of hiding places.

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  3. _Fried_Bettas_ Well Known Member Member

    Various betta housing from jars for babies to 20 gallon growouts, some individual tanks, I have some 20+ tanks, these just ones I found pictures for easily. Picture 4 is actually 5 individual tanks placed under 1 light. Come up with all kinds of ideas when you are housing half of California's bettas under one roof. Live plants are pretty much a guarantee in any tank of mine.

    10 gallon (13).jpg RPV_0028.jpg RPV_0001.jpg RPV_0008.jpg RPV_0012.jpg RPV_0024.jpg Jars.jpg RPV_0086.jpg

  4. alpaca New Member Member

    Dom90 - Ok, thanks for helping. I don't think I'll run the risk of a betta sorority any time soon.

    _Fried_Bettas_ - Thanks for the input and the pictures. What plants would you recommend for beginners? Also, how many gallons are the tanks in picture 4?
  5. _Fried_Bettas_ Well Known Member Member

    For tanks with rather low light (like most affordable aquarium kits). I would recommend tying or supergluing java ferns, anubias, and java moss to rocks and driftwood. These plants require no special substrate, ferts, or anything except a modest amount of light. There are numerous varieties of java ferns and anubias; they should all work, I am particularly fond of lace java fern (Windelov) and anubias nana petite (the tiny little plant tied to the driftwood in the last picture). Start with these, it will give you some confidence before you go out and decide to kill less easy to take care of plants.

    All the little tanks in pictures including the 5 in a row are Fluval Spec 3 gallons. This is the smallest tank I would recommend for a pet and a 5 gallon is so much better, but we all do what we can. The divided tank in my 6th picture is a standard 20 gallon long with homemade acrylic dividers.
  6. alpaca New Member Member

    _Fried_Bettas_ Thank you for the details and thank you for your time!
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    Getting bigger tanks and dividing them would probably be cheaper than getting 2 gallon kits for all your fish. I've got an aqueon 2.5 gallon kit for both of my bettas and I probably paid more than was needed for a hooded tank and filter. I don't even use the lights that came with each tank anymore. Save yourself the money and get a couple of 10 gallons to divide. I was just on and apparently there's a dollar per gallon sale on aqueon tanks right now starting at 10gal. Even regular price 10gal tanks are less than $20

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  8. _Fried_Bettas_ Well Known Member Member

    I agree with klj7678. But I strongly suggest making your own acrylic dividers from sheets from Home Depot rather than use the flimsy dividers commonly used. You can cut these sheets with nothing more than a straightedge and box cutter. Used with a glass canopy you can leave absolutely zero room for bettas to jump between partitions. I used a 20 gallon, but a 10 gallon is probably easier to find a place for in your house. I choose not to permanently stick them in and instead used friction with the silicon bead around the tank to hold them in place. If you don't trust it you can always use silicon to secure them further.


    RPV_0006.jpg RPV_0007.jpg BettaCondoTank (4).jpg BettaCondoTank (2).jpg
  9. alpaca New Member Member

    Yes, that definitely sounds like a great plan. I was at PetCo earlier today and they have the same dollar per gallon sale going on.
  10. alpaca New Member Member

    _Fried_Bettas_ - Hmm, I'll have to look into making similar dividers. Thanks again for your help! :)