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Please Help Me Identify This Critter!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Aflight, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. AflightNew MemberMember

    Just noticed this guy stuck onto the side of my tank. He is very very small and appears to be dark in colour. It does look something like a fry but I'm not convinced. It also looks to have 2 black lines running down its body from head to tail. It does appear to have a tail that it uses like a fish but its ability to grip onto the sides of the tank has me questioning if its a fish. Currently in the tank are mollies, platties, guppies, and zebra danios. A platy and guppie have recently given birth but their babies are much much bigger than this little creature. View attachment 520317View attachment 520318View attachment 520317View attachment 520318
  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    Looks like a newly hatched zebra danio, though it does look pretty big unless you are zoomed in really well. Danio fry will cling to the glass and plants for a day or so after hatching.
  3. AflightNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the input! My camera is pretty good haha I would estimate the fry is at most 2mm long. Its less than half the size of a newborn platty