Please Help Me Identify My Betta's Disease

  1. seattlefishmom Initiate Member

    I am so glad to have found this forum. My betta is sick but I cannot identify his illness to treat him properly. He is about 1¾ years old.

    SYMPTOMS: About 4 weeks ago, I noticed my betta was lethargic, exhibiting signs of bladder disease, and had a small swath of whiteness on his gills. Over time, the whiteness has spread to the top of his eye sockets and he has a general brownish discoloration on his head, where it was usually black. The spots on his fins have been there a while with no effect. On the positive side, he still has a very good appetite.

    TREATMENT THUS FAR: Initially I thought he only had swim bladder disease and gave him a pea treatment. When that didn't help, I took him to a fish vet and he was found to have parasites (the vet did a skin scrape) and a suspected bacterial infection. The spots on his fins were suspected to have been caused by ammonia burns due to my daughter not cleaning his tank often enough. (argh) At the recommendation of the vet, he has been through two rounds of PraziPro and Erythromycin, but he is still exhibiting all of the same symptoms.

    TANK INFO: After he initially became sick, I learned his environment was improper so I upgraded his tank to 2.5 gallons and added a heater (78 degrees) and filter. Since he still cannot swim well and struggles to get to the top, I am not running the filter, but instead do a 25% water change every other day. His tank chemistry tests fine.

    I am hoping someone has seen these visible symptoms and can tell from these pictures what might be wrong with him so I can help him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am really attached to the little guy. Thank you.

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  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    The pictures didn’t work.

  3. seattlefishmom Initiate Member

    Ok, thanks for letting me know! I'll try again.
  4. seattlefishmom Initiate Member

    I think these pictures will work. Thank you for your help!!!

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  5. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

  6. seattlefishmom Initiate Member

    I'll test the water when I get back home and report back. Thank you!
  7. seattlefishmom Initiate Member

    So the water parameters are currently:

    Nitrate: 20
    Nitrite: 0
    pH: 7.0
    KH: 80
    GH: 0

    So, according to my understanding, the only thing off is the GH. Any insight into what those markings on his gills, eyeballs and head are? TIA.