Please Help Me Id These African Cichlids

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  1. Sagar77 New Member Member

    Calling African Cichlid experts to help ID some fish. I really have a deep respect for you guys: with a 1000+ species of AC fish, it is not an easy task ID'ing some. I will try to post some good pics. Any help with be great!
    Fish 1: Blue jade face. Pretty but.... What is it? Scientific name and common name?
    Fish 2: If it is an Otopharynx Lithobates, why does he have a brown body, not blue.... even at 4 inches???
    Fish 3: Pretty yellow: But is if a Nkomo benga (Aulonocara baenschi) or an Aulonocara Stuartgranti Maleri? What really is the difference?
    20181128_223143.jpg 20181128_223206.jpg
  2. Pictusboss Valued Member Member

    The top ones a super red empress... the prettiest African cichlid by far in my op, also one of the least aggressive.

    The other 2 I’m not to sure... sorry bud
  3. Sagar77 New Member Member

    Pictusboss, thanks for the prompt reply. I am really unsure if it is a red (or super) red empress. I will mull over that suggestion!

    The jury is still out on what these 3 fish are. Any suggestions are welcome!

    You are absolutely right about the super red empress (Protomelas Taeniolatus) being one of the prettiest AC out there! How do I know? Well, here is a pic of the red empress in my tank that makes me beam with joy! :)