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A couple weeks ago I brought home 3 new platys and put them in my established planted 29 gal with a female molly I've had for several months. Within the first couple days I noticed that the platys were flashing (quickly rubbing on plant leaves) and they had clear stringy poop. Then red marks appeared on the outside of their gills and their appetites were poor / inconsistent. So it seemed like flukes were a likely cause for these symptoms. I treated with PraziPro twice with 50% water changes, treatments were one week apart.

I am still seeing them flash and now I also saw the molly flash which I have never seen her do before. I'm also seeing fin clamping and some breathing issues (rapid gilling, sitting near the surface.) Poop is much better, appetite usually good but once in a while one of them will decline a meal. Redness over the gills is improved but not gone. I was horrified today to see for the first time one of the platy fry flashing against the fine gravel substrate. (One of the platys came pregnant so I have 6 adorable fry in the tank.) Not seeing any ich white spots on anyone. I really need to fix this and help these fish. Don't know what to do.

Ammonia and Nitrite are 0, Nitrate 5, pH 8, GH 11, kH 8, temp 78.5 F


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5 to 10 years
You could try paragaurd from seachem see if it works I would look into the medicine though because I have only used cupramine on some goldfish. Good luck with the treatment I know how stressful it can be to watch your fish steuggle
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