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  1. waterfish1926

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    Bought some Peacocks and Haps IMG_3593.JPG from a guy and put these 4 in a QT tank. The one circled in red...what is that? Doesn’t look like a African Cichlid....
  2. FishLeGeNd

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    Not sure. Is it a freshwater aquarium?
  3. chromedome52

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    It's not African, as you suspect. It is a Central American species, I think a very oddly colored Rainbow Cichlid. Could just be because he's stressed by the bare tank.
  4. OP

    waterfish1926New MemberMember

    Yes. It’s a relatively new quarantine tank I set up. I had old filter media from my other tank.

    I think you’re right! I recall the guy mentioned that. Thx
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