Please Help I Don't No What's Wrong With My Betta!!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Starburst92, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    Yesterday I noticed a circle on my Bettas back fin I couldn't tell if it is white or see through?? It just happend randomly and it seems to have got worse. I don't have a filter yet so I've been doing 100% water changes every 2-3 days with bottled spring water and water conditioner as well trying to keep it as pristine as possible. He's also barely eating since I noticed the weird spot but the circles look bigger today. I noticed a second circle next to the first circle it doesn't seem white tho upon further inspection, it's like the color got sucked out just in that one spot making it see through??! I have no idea what's wrong or how to even fix it? Can anyone please help me? I bought some betta fix today should I add that to his water? I've only had him a week and I feel like I've failed

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  2. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    It looks like it could be pin-hole fin rot. If it is, fin rot is caused by poor water conditions, but can usually be treated with aquarium salt (make 100% sure it's for aquariums) and stable clean water if it's caught early. Getting a filter should be a priority, and you should probably up the water changes to 75% a day until you can get one and start it cycling. Is there anything wrong with your tap that's lead you to only use bottled water? Unless you know of a problem, most tap water is safe if you're using a good water conditioner (Prime is a favorite for most of us). What kind of set up is he in? Is there anything in the tank he could have snagged his fins on? In the picture he looks like he's in a vase or bowl. Is that where he lives, or did you put him in there to get a better picture? Does he have a heater? Do you have a test kit or test strips to check his water parameters for us?

    There is a steep learning curve to keeping fish, but Bettas are pretty hardy little creatures and will usually survive your first few stumbles. You're here looking for information and help, and that is a super important step that most people wouldn't bother with.

  3. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    I moved him in a little jar to take pictures. He does have a heater and I just set up my 10 gallon tank with a heater and filter, waiting for the water to warm up now. I was using bottled water because I don't know what type of tap water we have so I thought it would be the safest bet. A couple days ago i noticed white stringy things flying around the tank and they looked like they were growing and sticking to EVERYTHING it really creeped me out, and this was only 1 day after I changed the water with brand new bottled water again. I wonder if it came from me not cleaning the tank properly? Or maybe from the moss ball or snail? Or maybe it was growing on the Anubis plant I had floating. I have NO idea but I changed the water again (I always add conditioner and ammonium remover during water change) and then when I added him back in he leaped out at the last second onto the floor. I panicked and picked him up and immediately put him on the water. When he got back in the water this is when I noticed the weird circle. But he's very active right now and kind of eating. In my new tank I added tap water, tetra water conditioner, ammonium removed, and betta fix. I hope this helps him, what else should I do??

    I don't know when that circle started, would it have anything to do with him jumping out and being on the floor mat? I only noticed it after that incident

    He's acclimating now!

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  4. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    Ok so using bottled water can become an issue down the line. You need to be sure that there are minerals in your water. Personally I would use tap water with a dechlorinator. With the injury I would do daily water changes to promote healing.

  5. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    I just moved him into a new 10 gallon tank with a filter and heater! I added tap water with tetra tap conditioner, ammonia remover and bettafix. He's zooming all around the tank and exploring so he must be happy:). I'll have to keep an eye on the tail.
  6. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    You might pick up some aquarium salt if the betta fix doesn't help, but I think just upgrading his set up and staying on top of large daily water changes for a while should do the trick. Whatever caused it, it looks like you caught it pretty early. It'll take a while to grow back the patches he lost, so don't panic if his fins don't go back to normal overnight.

    If the white stuff shows up again, try to get some pictures before you clean it out. It's probably harmless, but it won't hurt to make sure.

    Have you read up on the nitrogen cycle? Your profile says no, but if you've been here a little while you've probably picked up a few things. Bettas usually do just fine with a fish-in cycle, but with his little injury you might to want to monitor it carefully. Let us know if you need help.
  7. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    Thanks for all your help!!! I feel much better and I'm reading up on the nitrogen cycle now. I'll keep an eye on his fin
  8. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    Good! Things can get overwhelming fast when you first start out, but I think you'll find things calm down once you get a bit farther in. Things like water chemistry and filtration seem boring, but the more you understand the more confident you'll feel about keeping your fish happy and healthy.

    Keep us posted on how he's doing!
  9. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    So now that he's in a filtered tank how should I go about water changes?

    Before I run to the store again should I get prime water conditioner AND dechlorinator for the water? Since I'm using tap water that I'm not sure what's in it? I'm already putting betta fix and ammonia remover so it just seems like overkill what would you recommend I do??
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  10. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

  11. clk89Fishlore VIPMember

    With fin rot you want to do water changes daily to help heal it. When cycling a tank, I'm unclear if this tank is cycled or not, you want to keep an eye on the parameters and do water changes to keep them in check.

    Once a tank is cycled you go by parameters as to when you do a water change, you do them at least once a week. If the parameters get too high (above 20 for nitrate, above zero for ammonia and nitrite) before a week is up then you do a water change on that day.
  12. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    So should I take him out while the tank cycles?

    Oh that's a relief! So only use the prime? Should I still add some betta fix since my fish looks like he has a spot of fin rot
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  13. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    Do you have another already cycled tank to put him into? If not then just pick up some stability as well :)
  14. clk89Fishlore VIPMember

    Not unless you have an already cycled tank with no tank mates in it. You can do a fish-in cycle, in this situation it is probably the best decision. Both prime and stability will help as well as water changes.
  15. AlhanaValued MemberMember

    I think at this point you are better off leaving him in to do a fish in cycle. Anything else you put him in now would ideally need to be cycled as well.
  16. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    Honestly, if you have the betta fix, go ahead and add it, so long as it doesn't mess with the tank cycle. If you need to buy it, I'd say hold off and just do some really good water changes in his tank every day while you are cycling the tank.
  17. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    No I do not I've only had him for about a week. I bought a 2.5 gallon tank that only came with an air stone bubbler. Atleast I was smart enough to get a heater as well. Me being a newb I thought the airdrome was a filter at first but for the last week I've been doing 100% water changes with bottled water every couple days. I just setup this 10 gallon yesterday with a FILTER and heater so it's not cycled. What should I do?? He's already traumatized himself by leaping out of my net and now a pinhole fin rot situation I don't want to stress him out more

    So do water changes everyday while the tank is cycling? 100%??

    Do you have any good advice for fish in cycle what are the dos and donts? I haven't messed with the water after I filled it up last night (I added tetra tap water conditioner, ammonia remover, and betta fix)
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  18. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    You won't have to change out his water 100% every day for a 10gal tank, you might have to do 50%, 25%...It is going to depend on what your levels are looking like.
    Do you have a test kit to measure the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? If not you might want to pick up an api freshwater test kit
  19. Starburst92Valued MemberMember

    Not yet I am running to the store here shortly to get the prime tho so I will get a testing kit while I'm there. And so if I do a 50% water change everyday do I add more prime in with the new water everyday as well??

    This is just a lot to take in at once! But I want to do it right
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  20. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, you will want to add prime every time you change out the water. Once you get started we will all help you out. Make sure you get stability as well, if they do not have that then pick up some Tetra Safe Start + (make sure it is the plus kind).

    I understand it is a lot to take in, you are in good hands, you will be okay!

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