Please Help - Dog not acting normal


My dogs recently haven't been his normal lively self he is 4 years old almost 5 and the last week he's just been lying around sleeping but when he's lying down he pants and breaths fast, he drinks loads too eats normally

When he's sleeping sometimes he has his eyes open and looks sad and unhealthy please help

Also every now and then he chockes (like gonna be sick or something )

Really scared and worried :'((

He's breathing heavy

Please anyone please help ::'(


Take him to the vet, I really hope he's fine


Thanks my mums at work and the vets closed

Any idea what it is though

:'( :'(

He's only 4


I don't have a dog... never had one. Can't you call anyone?


45 people have viewed this and only you have answered thanks for trying don't have anyone else


well not 45, it counts each time you and I looked

Viriam Karo

I don't mean to be harsh but this -is- a fish forum and the expertise of most of the people on here concerns fish. What if you followed bad advice on here because someone thought they knew but didn't know the whole story? What if your dog got worse because of it? Even doctors don't like to treat patients without meeting them and examining them.

My advice would also be to phone up your vet. They are the expert AND they know your dog and his medical history better than anybody on this forum possibly could.

If they are closed today and you can't phone them either, then I would take him to the vet ASAP on Monday.

ETA I have also viewed this thread more than once so definitely fewer than 45.


If he's drinking a lot and not as lively he could have diabetes, kidney problems, bladder issues, etc. A lot of things. There's nothing I can even suggest even with my extensive animal knowledge. He needs to go to the vet by the sound of it. What do you mean by he chokes? Like does it sound like a cough then like he's trying to vomit? That could also be a lot of things. If he's panting a lot and the temperature is normal then he could be having trouble breathing. He needs to see a vet, sometimes you can call after hours if it seems to be an emergency, otherwise make sure he gets in tomorrow.


First off I'm sorry that you're having trouble with you dog. Their aren't any places open in your area? Not even an emergency clinic or anything? Like stargazerwolf said it could be any number of things and the best thing to do now is take him to the vet ASAP. Wish I could be more help.


stargazerwolf basically said what I was about to say. We need more info, also I highly suggest checking for an emergency vet like everyone else is saying.
What breed is he? How long has he been like this? I hope everything works out okay.
Also, try and look/sign up for a dog forum, they'll be able to help a lot more than us probably.


As mentioned earlier, this is a fish forum firstly. That's were the majority of the expertise falls.
Even if some of the members do have some experience with dogs, there still isn't enough info to go on. Some breeds do have more common issues that other breeds wouldnt have.

I have only had one dog in the past (Bichon), but even then I couldnt begin to guess what is actually wrong. When she was acting wierd, she was running from room to room. Wouldnt sleep for long periods. Acting very restless. I was worried cause I didnt know what to do and my parents were out of town (I stayed home with the dog). The first thing in the morning, I took her in to the vet. Turns out it was just the Anal glands, needed to be "milked" or whatever it is they do to her nodes.

My 2 pieces of advice

1- Take it to the vet first thing in the morning when they are open
2- If the dog is having issues breathing and wears a collar, loosen or remove the collar in the mean time. Put it on only when needed.


Hopefully you've called the vet by now. There's always a 24hr clinic open somewhere.


How's he doing?


When I phoned the vet out of hours I described and they don't know what it is may be diabetes or something he's booked for some tests but he seems a bit better thanks for the help though x


At least he's doing better.

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