Please Help! Constant Fin Rot!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by BettaEmma, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. BettaEmmaValued MemberMember

    Hi Guys,
    My poor Betta fish is having such a hard time with Fin Rot and I'm at my wits end. He is in a filtered, cycled 5 gallon tank with a temperature pretty consistently at 80.
    Ammonia is always between 0 - 0.25 (I'd say about 0.10) (My tap water has ammonia of 0.25 and PH of 7.6 so I mix half and half with spring water and use Prime water conditioner.) Nitrites consistently 0.00 and Nitrates are around 5.
    Every now and then he will be fine for a few weeks and everything with grow back long and strong and then overnight he will have big chunks missing or large holes/slits developing. I have modified the tank so that his fins are unable to be sucked into the filter so I don't think it's that.
    I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not but lately he seems to have damage the day of or after a water change. I usually change 25% (sometimes 40%) but it's a quick process and he doesn't seem to get stressed out.
    I thought he might be fin biting but the slits and holes in the center of his fins don't make it seem that way to me but I'm no expert. He will have little ragged edges on other fins too so I don't know whats going on. The edges/regrowth look a little darker than the rest of his fins.
    I've tried Aquarium Salts, Kanaplex and Betta Revive baths previously but none have worked.
    He literally goes from fine to huge chunks missing overnight. What is going on? The only other thing I can think of that I've noticed is the PH test has shown a little darker than usual the last few times I've tested it. Please help! I get so overwhelmed, this has been going on for months and nothing helps!
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  2. QuicheValued MemberMember

    Hi! I'm not a betta expert, but I'll try to help little! What type is he? Longer tailed bettas tend to tail bite more than say, plakats. Do you have gravel? What about decorations? I'm mystified about why they'd be in the middle of his fins though. If he goes from 'fine to huge chunks missing overnight', then it's probably not fin rot, there's something in the tank ripping his fins. Maybe try to get a picture?
  3. sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    I just recently went through similar with one of my bettas... Actually very similar description of the issue sans large holes in the middle of his fins. I could have sworn fin rot that came and went too.... Ultimately discovered it was fin biting. So after a number of attempts to make him happy I dropped a piece of Mopani wood for that tannins and a ton of Anacharis in his tank to make it basically a jungle (I did not plant the Anacharis just stuffed it down in a loose wad so it would float but have plenty submerged to explore. That was instant satisfaction for him. I haven't had tail biting since I did it. I pulled the Mopani for a few days as even though it doesn't leach much anymore the tannins bother me and he didn't like that choice so I just let him have what keeps him happy and his glorious fins glorious. Might be worth a try to at least give him a ton of cover with something natural. Anacharis is super cheap, grows like a weed and I think it's about impossible to kill.
  4. BettaEmmaValued MemberMember

    He already has a pretty heavily planted tank with a lot of Anacharis at the top actually. Was it really large pieces of fins he was biting? I'm talking like chunks that are 4 x 6mm overnight. Almost like little rectangles. I'm at such a loss. Maybe I'll add some IAL since the Mopani he has in there has long lost its tannins. Thanks for your input!
  5. BettaEmmaValued MemberMember

    He is crowntail. He has gravel, but he barely spends any time down there. I have a piece of mopani wood in there and a little tunnel but neither have any kind of sharp edges. I too feel its something in the tank causing it but I really cannot figure out what it could be. I covered any filter holes with fine mesh etc, so I'm going to have to take another look. I really want him well. I will try to get a picture! Thanks for your help!
  6. sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    At first it wasn't it just looked like torn the first couple times, it'd get mostly better than rinse and repeat. Eventually it started becoming chunks and always his ventral fins and tail, tail getting the worst of it. He had several holes in the tail definitely big enough to easily see. Once the ventral fins were obviously involved I felt terrible and was convinced fin rot but nothing would stop it, it'd get better then get worse than the last time. Looking back I think I'd continued stressing him worse ND worse removing plants, and rearranging anything that I could think of causing issues. I only use natural stuff, plants real wood and sand/substrate on the bottom and I'd never had a fin biter. Once I just jungled him up he apparently stopped getting bored or stressed whichever it was and actually even added some more color lol. He's still got a tiny bit of damage left that really doesn't look like damage unless you'd seen it before he stopped. And all the metallics one his fins came in after. The black at the ends was almost entirely gone when he was biting leaving the rest looking exactly like fin rot except with him it belonged there. [​IMG]

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