PLEASE EMERGENCY! Goldfish has large lump/boil/tumor Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Bagel, Jul 9, 2014.

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    PLEASE EMERGENCY! Goldfish has large lump/boil/tumor pics

    My fish and I have been through a lot lately. From ich to fin rot to the eating of an unidentified floaty by the common goldfish. All of which are documented in past posts.

    Now the common goldfish has a HUGE lump on her side. At least the size of a small grape, right behind the pectoral fin on it's left side. It started roughly 5 days ago and has grown some everyday. At first I thought she was constipated and skipped a day of feeding. After seeing her poop and seeing the lump grow only on one side, I'm quite certain that's not it. Yesterday the scales started protruding. Today there is what looks like a boil or pimple coming to the surface, as I write this I went to get water to test and found it has opened and is draining what looks like white pimple goo, no worms apparent.

    I've done some research and have found that it's probably either a tumor or an internal parasite. The parasite theory has me worried about the floaty she ate. It was odd, looked almost like frogs eggs only with white specks instead of black. This was after the ich and fin rot, at the time I was worried she ate an ich bloom.

    Tank is 28 gallon 30x18x12. Running marineland emperor 280 w/biowheel. Contains one common goldfish, one black moor, one java fern pebble substrate and two air stones. (I am aware they need a larger tank and to be separated, getting a 45 gallon in a few weeks). Only stress coat currently in water.

    Usually I do 50 % pwc weekly, with gravel vac. Normally before pwc water levels with API master test kit are

    PH: 8.0 (is constant)
    Ammonia: .25 ppm
    NitrIte: 0 ppm (is constant)
    NitrAte: 40

    Then after it's

    Ammonia: 0 ppm
    NitrAte: 5 ppm.

    This week (today) the levels were SUPER high!

    Ammonia: 1-1.5 ppm
    NitrAte: 80 ppm.

    Could this be because she is sick?
    Do I need to quarantine her or is it too late? All I have is a 5 gallon bucket with no filter and cats that will eat her.
    I have melafix here should I run it?
    If not what can I get?

    the goldfish seems nearly unperturbed by the growth. She swims normally, eats normally, poops normally. Occasionally she gets sideways but it's obvious it's because she is heavier on that side.

    Today, after the BAD numbers I did a 65% pwc and the new numbers are

    Ammonia: .25 ppm
    NitrAte: 5 ppm

    Also, they get fed for 2.5 minutes 2x daily. Flakes in the morning and alternately shelled peas or frozen bloodworms at night.

    Tank temp is 78 F (it's summer, there isn't much I can do...)

    Now I'm reading about fish TB?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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  2. OP

    BagelNew MemberMember

  3. poeticinjustices

    poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    Hi there, sorry your fish is sick :(

    I don't know much about this but a draining lump usually indicates some kind of infection. It surely must be an infection but whether parasitic or bacterial, I'm unsure. Still, an infection is typically contagious.

    I might start with assessing your readings. What's going on with the ammonia spikes? Has the tank actually been through a complete cycle? Also, 40ppm nitrates are kind of pushing it. And I'm curious as to your readings. Nitrates should really only be reduced by the percentage of water changes. So 40ppm nitrates -> 50% WC (assuming no nitrates in tap) -> 20ppm nitrates left in the tank. How would they drop from 40 to 5ppm? Same with the 80ppm reading and the 65% WC. I'm wondering if there's something up with the test kit. I think upping your WC schedule is something you'll want to look into. Whatever it takes to keep nitrates below 20ppm. Maybe add some live plants if you can and check to make sure your filter media is properly cleaned. Here's a guide to cleaning filters I found really interesting, it's prompted me to change my methodology.


    I found some information here suggesting that pus-filled lumps are typically bacterial.


    You might have to hunt around for a bit to find the actual post, just Ctrl F the word "pus" and you should come across it.

    This might also help you as well.


    My searches are all coming up with bacterial infection for pus-filled lump (the pus being the giveaway). Some say it will resolve once it drains, others suggest broad-spectrum antibiotics. So hopefully you'll get some more input from others too. Either way, I think getting your water parameters under control and lowering those nitrates will be of the utmost importance.

    I do recall the random white thing your fish ate and I do wonder if they could be related though honestly I know little to nothing about it, especially without seeing it. I know I told you it wasn't an ich bloom, and I really don't believe it was due to ich being microscopic in the water, but I wish I could be of more assistance on what it actually was :\
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  4. OP

    BagelNew MemberMember

    Thank you for replying again. I read the links and I actually clean my filters exactly as it said. I have charcoal and macaroni tile that I rinse in the tank water during pwc. The one about the goldfish that was better the next morning calmed me some. I'm hoping it's that simple!

    I did the math and the water change I did was closer to 72%, I changed 20 of the 28 gallons. I think the extra drop in Nitrates comes from the water cycling after I rinse the filters. I usually give it a couple of hours before checking it after changes. I also have a hard time with the colors on the sheet. I can't always tell the difference between 40 and 80 nitrates or 10 and 20. As well as the ammonia, it usually looks somewhere between 0 and .25, so it could be operator error.

    As for future, my plan now is to up my water changes to 3x a week, for now, probably 2x after this ends (whichever way it goes :/). Tomorrow I will purchase more uniodized salt and start adding it in slowly like I did for ich. At the very least it will help kill what she released in the water and aid her healing, hopefully.

    Thanks again, you have been quite a bit of help! I will update in the AM.
  5. poeticinjustices

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    I have a hard time with those numbers too. That's why I keep my nitrates at 5ppm lol. I can read that color better and if it's any darker than that, I know I have to do a change. Water sprite help A LOT even in low light.

    I'm glad the links helped some. It was hard to find conclusive diagnoses, I only came across general answers, so I wouldn't rely on them solely. So keep an eye out for replies from other members and do some research too, that's just what I could find on the topic and doesn't mean there isn't more out there. That one forum I gave you,, has a lot of really specific and helpful information regarding professional care of goldfish. I've been lurking there quite a bit lately. You might be able to find some more stuff on what your fish is experiencing there as well. When I searched for your symptoms, the results were mostly pertaining to goldfish.

    Do keep a close eye. Good luck :)
  6. Rivieraneo

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    Hello, I would correct your water quality issue and spot treat the area wit q tips and hydrogen peroxide. You can them dab some Bio Bandage on it to give it an anti bacterial and also a protective layer over the open ulcer. You can add dissolved aquarium salt to your tank at a rate of 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of water. Best of luck.
  7. OP

    BagelNew MemberMember

    Thank you, yes water quality is top priority again, I can't figure out what caused that big spike. Like i said, they usually rise some between changes but never to lethal levels. Definitely more frequent smaller changes in the future.
    I've been trying to do some more research but my little one makes it hard. I have found that in a lot of cases levels rise when a fish has an ulcer. So I'm thinking the bacteria leaking may have made it spike... Not really sure.
    AS for Clint, she is hasn't changed much. The lump hasn't gone down but it does appear to be draining still.
    I'm definitely adding the salt tonight agree the little one goes to bed, that's the only time I can or else little fingers will be covered in fish water. I'm nervous about swabbing her, though. I'm not a graceful person and if she hit the floor I worry she will get something worse. She would also be able to jump fairly far if stressed.
    How would I go about swabbing her? Should I add the salt and wait before attempting it? I've seen a few cases where salt seemed to be enough.
    Thanks again for the input. I'm very worried about her. Though she still seems her happy energetic self.

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