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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by PhillyKev, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. PhillyKevValued MemberMember

    I've switched up my plan a few times as I research more waiting for cycle to complete which is really close now. Let me know if anything off or troublesome with below.

    36 gallon bow front, small gravel, not planted, 2 filters (Aqueon quietflow 30, Aquaclear 50), pH 7.8, kh 5, gh 9.

    7 black phantom tetras
    7 candy cane tetras
    11 harlequin rasbora
    1 pearl gourami
    1 male swordtail
    3 Amano shrimp
    2 zebra nerite snails

    Also, I am currently dosing Ammonia to 2 ppm while cycling which is clearing to 0 daily. How much of the above can I stock at the start?


  2. BichirKeeper84Valued MemberMember

    I would consider sticking with two top dwelling schools in a 36. Your bottom level doesn't have much though. You could do a school of Cory cats or kuhlis loaches pretty easily. Our if you wanted a single larger bottom dweller you could look into a hoplo cat

  3. Small TanksValued MemberMember

    I agree, I think you have a bit too much at the top for a tank that size. You may want to scale back on that and go with some lower swimmers or instead of amano shrimp get a good colony of cherry or electric blue shrimp who would be more colorful on the bottom there (just make sure if you do that you have a couple clumps of Java Moss or other moss that gives them hidey places and cultivates micro bacteria for the fry to feed on).

    My rule of thumb is to go peaceful fish first -> then territorial, bottom fish -> then top.

    With your current plan I'd put the shrimp and snails in first and then the harlequins.

  4. PhillyKevValued MemberMember

    Yeah, having a hard time finding good bottom level fish for my tank. Have gravel so ruled out Corys or loaches after seeing how much they love digging in the sand. Was initially thinking cherry Barb instead of candy cane tetras. But they like acidic water from what I've read. And I'm at 7.8. Same with neon tetras. And gold barbs I believe need lower Temps than the rest.

    Any other ideas for lower level fish to replace the candy canes?
  5. BichirKeeper84Valued MemberMember

    How about a hoplo catfish
  6. PhillyKevValued MemberMember

    That's a good one hadn't thought of. Thanks, will consider it.

    I really do want a small school (5) of cories in the bottom but I'm concerned about their barbells on gravel. It's fairly smooth, am I being overly cautious? It's spectrastone from my lfs.
  7. BichirKeeper84Valued MemberMember

    Hard to say for sure. Spectrastone makes a ton of different types from River and ocean stone (very smooth and fine for corycats) to typical died aquarium rock that can be sharp.
  8. PhillyKevValued MemberMember

    It's the premium grade shallow creek, smooth to the touch but not totally round, irregularly shaped. d6953508abac494d96becadc86ef548d.jpg
  9. BichirKeeper84Valued MemberMember

    I would think corydoras would be fine on that.
  10. Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    My corys have been in my twenty nine for almost a year I think. I’ve got that crappy colored very small gravel. As long as you keep the water clean and have no whisker nippers, they’ll be fine. :)
  11. BichirKeeper84Valued MemberMember

    Definitely different grades of died gravel out there. In my early days I had some very cheap stuff that I could not keep kuhlis or Cory's alive in the tank. It wasn't until years later that I realized it was more than likely because of the substrate. Now that I'm on 100% sand in all my tanks my kuhlis have done quite well for years. I no longer keep Cory cats but would assume they would do equally as well
  12. PhillyKevValued MemberMember

    Thanks all...really want the cories, but really like the look of the gravel. Think I'll go with this for the stock then, and add them in the order listed.

    3 amano shrimp
    7 julii cory
    11 harlequin rasbora
    7 black phantom tetra
    2 nerite snails
    1 pearl gourami

    Since my tank is clearing 2ppm of ammo in 24 hours, when I stock, think I can do the shrimp, cories and rasbora all from the start?

    Thanks again for all the feedback!
  13. BichirKeeper84Valued MemberMember

    I'd probably do the tetra and rasboras first

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