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  1. Tian

    Tian Well Known Member Member


    So ive setup a tank for my mother... Got her a 100 litre (approx 27 gallon) tank. (she wants my baby crayfish lol)

    I'm a little unsure what to stock it with...

    Current stock- Chineese algae eater
    Cray fish
    guppies ( i used them to cycle the tank)

    We want to add some more stock... The following ive got in mind...

    2 Angel fish?
    Red tail black shark?
    Upside down catfish?
    Im unsure about this aboved spesies whether they will work or not....

    Will fish like mollies, platys, school of corydoras, school of neons, barbs work with the question marked fish?
    This are also options we are looking at...

    Tank parameters-

    Amonia/nitrites 0
    nitrates 20
    PH 7.8
    Temperature 25 degree celcius
    Sand substrate
    Aqua Light 20watt (white floresent light)

    Any advice/suggestions are very welcome....
  2. Harlebleondora

    Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    If memory servers chinese algae eaters prefer cooler temps and grow large. (30cm) I would recommend rehoming it. You could do angelfish but they can be aggressive and will take up all your tank room. a red tailed shark will grow large and may chase other fish, they will not harm them but they swill stress them out. Convicts, again aggressive fish that will most likely nip and chase.

    I'm not to experienced with crayfish but I thought they preferred cooler temps and he may attack your fish. Just a few days ago a forum member made a post about their crayfish eating one of their zebra danios.

    Upside down catfish would work alright but I would think you would need to remove the crayfish though so they can live without being hunted. How many guppies do you have and do you have male and female guppies? If so you may have a baby explosion on the way so look out for that.

    If I was stocking this tank, A school of tetras (At least 6), A group of upside down catfish (3), a school of corys (At least 6), an algae eater such as bristle nose ancistrus or otocinclus.

    Good luck!
  3. OP

    Tian Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the reply! Will keep this in mind tomorrow at the lfs :)

    As for the guppies, ive got a tank where im breeding them as a food source for my mudskippers...

    Crayfish temperatures is depending on the spesie. ive got 3 australian red clawed and 1 electric blue crayfish (prefer 23-26 degrees celcius). They are also very slow hunters and mostly goes after fish that is ill or weakend.