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Help! I have a 50 gal 2 weeks into its cycle. I’m cycling with 6 platys, doing once a week water changes, have several live plants and am dosing with Flourish advance about every other day. Only using Prime with water changes. Water params today are: Amm 0, Nitrite .25, Nitrate 5. Temp is about 79F. My question is why are my platys all suddenly in hiding, only coming out of hiding for food? 5 of the 6 came out to eat this morning, 1 stayed in hiding. I actually thought I had a dead fish until I started moving driftwood around and found a female in hiding. Up until today, they were free swimmers, all over the tank. Today it’s like I added a shark and they’re all scared or something! Is this normal behavior? It’s like a fishy ghost town in there.....
I think my male to female ratio is all wrong. I may have to remove a male. So, next question, if I remove a male, the only place I have to put him is in a 10 gallon with a male betta. Am I asking for disaster? Or should I love the betta to the 50 and put one of the male platys in the 10 gallon?
I also posted this in the beginners forum but thought I’d get more help here.
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