Platy with a lucky fin?


2 days ago I got 2 new platy's. one of them is doing quite well but the other is having some problems. she is not nearly as active as the other fish and spends a lot of time lying about. also, when I feed the fish she starts swimming around with the others but she never actually eats anything? its almost as if she can't find the food.

also, I was looking at her today and noticed that she has a "lucky fin". her fin one side of her body is much smaller than her other fin and it seems to cause her some trouble with swimming. could she have gotten fin rot at the pet store?

the other funny thing I noticed is that the scales along her back are sticking up.

I removed her into a smaller tank if only to give her a chance to eat something without the other 3 little piggies snatching it up first. I also put some 'cure all' for fin rot (technically made for bettas I guess) into the tank with her. I know that the scales sticking up is not a symptom of fin rot but its all I could come up with.

if anyone could give me an idea of what to do with her I would really apreciate it.



sounds like dropsy, I think that is a bacterial disease but someone else should be able to advice you better.


I think you did the right thing by putting her in a quarantine tank-- I wish I had that option when my platies had the similiar thing-- unfortunately I lost them-- you could probably treat her and then when she is healthy re-introduce her to the tank-- there is a great disease chart at the top of this forum's topics that you would prbably find helpful-- I did-- good luck and keep us posted-- LILA


if her scales are sticking out then it is very likely that she has dropsy, does she look fat??.Depending on how advanced it is you may be able to save her, however if she is not eating or moving much then the chances are it is too far gone to save her. I have read up about this and as far as I am aware once the scales start sticking out then the disease has entered the advanced stage. Try internal bacteria it may help good luck

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