Platy with a broken/dislocated jaw

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by flyinggogo, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    I have a platty that recently gave birth to a bunch of fry, but ever sense giving birth, she has chilled on the bottom. At first i didn't think much of it. Giving birth is stressful, and i figured she was recovering in peace. It has been 2 or 3 days since birth, and when i went to feed all the fish i noticed her swim for the food but her mouth would not close. I think she is able to eat a very small amount, but i would guess after 2 minutes of trying to eat she maybe got 1/2 to 1 flake total in food. What i was wondering is should i put her out of her misery or is there a chance she could pull through. I really don't want to watch her turn into a skeleton barely able to survive, or starve to death. Thank you for help.


  2. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    Hi dave, in my expieriance with fish putting them out of their misery sometimes isn't the answer. Sometimes they pull threw when you least expect it . Like I always tell people you should take any injured or sick fish and place them in a smaller tank anywhere from 2 to 15 gallons. In his case place shallow water, 6 inches?? She may have trouble getting to the top for food . Try crushing the flakes small and see how that goes. You could try frozen brine shrimp. They are small and easy to swallow as well as healthy. But if there are other fish in her tank as well as her current issue she could be at risk. If another fish decides to pick on her then she will definitely suffer. Like I said try keeping the water shallow with plants for her to comfort herself. Sure it's one platy but if she's a good breeder and can pull through why not. But the smaller the food the easier for her most likely it was an injury cased by trying to fight another fish protecting her young or could be her bumping into something. Or maybe just age related how old is she?

  3. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    i didnt think plattys protected their young. I thought once they were born they were food.

    Edit: a few months i have had her. Maybe 5 months, so i would say a little over a year old.

  4. ayladWell Known MemberMember

    Re: Platty with a broken/dislocated jaw

    You were correct. This platy sounds sick. Have you recently added any other fish? What are your readings for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate?
  5. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    It was just a guess, I have never raised plattys but like i said any fish with health problems should be conditioned in a separate tank for best results. Don't give up on the fish.
  6. BorngeminiValued MemberMember

    Try grinding some fish food, or feeding her some frozen dried mealworm the meal worm will help with protein helping her fight and making her more able to cope mealworms are tiny and don't take a lot to eat for a fish , I watch my fish just sit at the bottom waiting for it to drop into there mouths and they love it for a treat, as for been ill can you buy a isolation net or tub that will help her with food being easier to fall around her and also give her some space from other fish. Putting her out her misery isnt good, she could change quickly and from my experience if a fish is Ill they tend to die pretty quickly anyway

    EDIT: isolation tub will save her having to cope with water changes that she will have moving to another tank
  7. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    That's basically what I said, grinding up food and feeding frozen foods might make it easier to eat
  8. BorngeminiValued MemberMember

    I didn't read your post
  9. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    If you haven't already done so, do a Search Fish Lore for lockjaw. There are several threads on the subject that you may find helpful.

    Best wishes for your fish.

  10. matsungitWell Known MemberMember

    I found this breeder box useful in isolating sick fish while keeping it in the same tank. It isolates the fish and keeps it close to the top of the water. It also has some fake foliage to make them feel safe.

    Top Fin Net Breeder

    When my platy got better he would tease the females and push the food around in the net to attract them.
  11. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    Hi everyone who has responded, I apologize for seeming like i abandoned my thread. I was out of town. Anyway just to update, she is still alive, but there has been no change in her condition. She is just slowly getting thinner still. I will search lock jaw and read up on it ty for the tip. I don't think she is sick, or diseased. All the other fish are fine, and have been for months. She is a trooper for sure, she tries eating it just doesn't go well for her. Is she staying on the bottom because with her mouth always open her gills aren't working right?

  12. MsheresyValued MemberMember

    You should put her in her own small tank alone so she won't be competing for food. This was previously suggested.
  13. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    I am not gonna buy another tank, and throwing her in a breeding net with no room, i can see how this helps eating, but that has to stress the fish out too. She does not get bothered, and it has been two weeks and she is still around, so she is obviously getting food, although as i stated she is thinner. Its not a problem of competing for food she has no trouble finding the flakes and the other fish dont bother her, its like she has to inhale the food thats the problem.
  14. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    If you're not going to buy a new tank, then the responsible thing you should do as an owner is spend a few dollars on a plastic tub/container of some kind so you can sort out the issues she's having, if she keeps getting thinner, then she will die, and it's obvious she's not getting enough food. I'd also take aquarist48's advice and search the lockjaw threads that have been posted.
  15. tunastrackWell Known MemberMember

    Thats right. Platys do not protect their young. They are not usually with that instinct. Most will even chase after and eat their fry right after dropping them, which is more likely the thing to happen in this situation.

    Good luck with her.
  16. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    I got her moved to the fry tank, maybe the powder food will help her. There has been no change in condition though. Reading about the possibility of injuring herself trying to eat the fry got me thinking. The male platty is rather aggressive in his courting, and it got me thinking maybe he got a little frisky to fast, and chased the girl right into a broken jaw. Her jaw is almost like a perfect circle, she can close it but not all the way and the shape of the jaw stays constant.

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