Platy - Storing Sperm???


I assumed female Platy are like guppies, able to store sperm?
I have only 1 female platy and it had given birth twice.
Wanted some to be cull by nature but the Angel Fish, Zebra Danio, Sailfin Molly has no interest in to have Platy fry snack.

Quite typical!
When you hope the fry to be safe, they usually get eaten, when you want some to be cull, they tend to survive.


Good morning Hyun007,

I think just about all of the live bearers for the home aquarium are able to store sperm. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will chime in.

Are you feeding your fish foods in addition to the fry? If so , this may be why you don't see the fry disappearing. Once the adult fish are hungry I think the fry will begin to disappear.



give them egg yolk


Since Ken asked for someone to chime in () I know there is at least one livebearer that doesn't store sperm: Ameca Splendens. But the commonly available livebearers do all store sperm.

I'll lend you a few of my gold barbs, they polished off the platy's most recent drop before I even knew they were there. I caught sight of one baby who was chased away but I'm sure it got eaten. The gold barbs are even trying to eat the 1/2" 2-month old fry I just moved into their tank.


Thanks Kunsthure!

Chumz, I don't think feeding the fish egg yolk at this point is going to solve the members issues of having too many fry. However, I think that is a good suggestion of what to feed to the fry. Was that the point you were trying to make?


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