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Discussion in 'Platy' started by 0morrokh, Jan 14, 2006.

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    Okay, this happened twice in a row to my Platy Sunrise...
    Everything was fine in my tank, and my fish were all healthy. I fed my 6 livebearers some freeze-dried bloodworms for supper, about what they could finish in 3 minutes. Several hours later when I came back to my room, Sunrise was acting very sick. She was quite bloated and had a lot of trouble swimming, and couldn't swim downwards, despite her determined attempts, as if her swim bladder was stuck on 'up.' She showed no other signs of illness, and the other fish were perfectly fine, but she just floated there with her fins partially clamped. It was late at night so there was nothing I could do. However, in the morning, she was perfectly fine! What the heck...
    Needless to say, I have discontinued feeding bloodworms. The reason it happened twice was because the first time I thought she had gotten ahold of some of my Otos' lettuce and eaten herself sick, and I never thought it was the bloodworms. Now I remember hearing they can cause constipation (thanks for sharing!!), but I thought you had to treat that. A little help here?!
    Now for my other Platy...
    I noticed a few days ago that Sunrise's dorsal fin is slightly frayed. No reddening, no protruding spines, no signs of discomfort or disease, just two small tears. She's known to be a bit aggressive and greedy, so I wouldn't be too surprised if another fish got fed up and bit two chunks out of her before getting chased away. Again, none of the other fish show any similar problems. The tears are small and hard to see, so who knows how long they've been there, although I'm sure they're fairly new. Should I be worried?
    Thanks for any help!
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    As long as there is no stressor in the tank and the water quality is good the tears heal up very quickly. Usually
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    Well, I'm just gonna assume that the bloodworms (now off the menu) caused Sunrise slight digestive problems, and Sunshine was having some social problems. ;) They are both fine...although Sunshine won't stay still long enough for me to see her dorsal fin. Must think I've got food! ;)