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Discussion in 'Platy' started by AquariaUK, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. AquariaUK

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    Hey all.

    In August we got 4 new platies. Sadly one was sick and died after a month so we got a new one. One of the original ones is looking pretty bad as well. He spends half his time swimming normally (although hiding) and the other half on the gravel by our filter, in the boat or swimming low. I'm at a loss as what to do. As I'm writing this he is by the filter. This has been going on for 4 days or so.

    Info: We've had him since August 19th, all other fish are fine in the tank, I can't test water parameters but nothing has changed and I don't see why there is a problem, all fish are peaceful as far as I know, no external parasite (the last one was ich which went a month ago). Any other questions I'll be happy to answer.

    One idea I had was a tiny tear I saw in his tail. It might be natural but maybe he's hiding and doing that because he was nipped by our other male platy or the danios? Not sure.

  2. fishynoob

    fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    How many males and females do you have?
    I had a male that showed exactly that behaviour and it was down to not having enough of the ladies (one girl turned out to be a boy and it threw the ratio out of wack) As soon as I got more females he started acting normally again. He was the smallest boy that I had. Sadly not long after that I got a parasite in the tank and I lost him and two others. (Due to timings and who died first I know it wasn't the parasite that caused him to be acting funny earlier)
  3. OP

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    I have 2 males and 2 females. Although that sounds bad none of my fish ever try and breed and I've never seen the males fight.

  4. fishynoob

    fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    It could still be the ratio that is the problem I didn't see much bulling that concerned me but he got chased a fair bit my my dom male if he went near a female or food but gradually he became more and more reclusive and started hiding behind the filter. I have only caught my fish "dancing" (As I tell my son) twice but and it was the same female each time yet all five females have been pregnant so I am not sure if they get in the mood after the lights go out.

    The torn fin could be a sign of finrot or some other disease, maybe it could also be that you have a fin nipper in the tank too. But.... I am no expert on diseases and I have not had finrot in my platies to tell you what to look for.

    If you have another tank you could try removing the healthier male to see if the sicker one starts coming acting more normal. But I would wait for disease experts to come along first.
  5. OP

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    Def. not finrot, I think he was bitten. I don't have another tank :(
  6. kinezumi89

    kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    You can't say "nothing changed" and expect the water parameters to be the same. Sometimes there are spikes that we can't explain. If it isn't financially feasible to get a liquid test kit, I would at least get strips, they'e cheap. It'd be better than nothing.
  7. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Fin rot looks like the fin is melting away, whereas nips are clean cut with well defined edges. However, nips can develop into rot.
  8. OP

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    I would gladly pay the £25 for an API Master tester, but my parents won't allow it. Or the strips. I say I think nothing's changed (I'm guessing) because all other fish are fine.
  9. OP

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    Update: An hour ago I found him behind the filter. Now he's just on the gravel only moving a bit. His fins are a bit frayed - we're going to do a water change in case of ammonia. If he is worse in the morning we may have to flush him. :(
  10. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Hiding behind the filter and resting on the bottom are bad signs. If you are unable, or unwilling, to try to rehab the fish, then culling it is the best option.
  11. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

  12. lucky strike 21

    lucky strike 21 Well Known Member Member

    Don't flush him there's more humane ways to cull fish
  13. C

    Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    You can stick him in a container of water and freeze him.
  14. Fashooga

    Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    I usually put them in a cup and surround the cup with ice. It will put them to sleep.

    If you can't afford the API test than maybe you should save money for it. If you parents give you an allowance just save a certain amount for it. It teaches that you know how to save for an item. Win win
  15. OP

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    I hate flushing, I keep persuading my family not to but they want the fish to go quickly, even if it survives.

    I've been saving for 5 years and I def. have the money, but they think it's a waste. My parents mean well, but don't take it hugely seriously.

    Update: I did a WC and fed them, all fish apart from him doing well, he had a few flakes but is back on the bottom. Haven't got high hopes. :(
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  16. OP

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    Bad news - he died :( RIP Bruce the platy
  17. aylad

    aylad Well Known Member Member

    Sorry. :(

    Is it possible to get photos of your other platies?
  18. OP

    AquariaUK Valued Member Member

    Yes, I have a few in my gallery. Do you suspect something?
  19. aylad

    aylad Well Known Member Member

    Well, your post about your platies not breeding caught my eye.

    Check out this illustration from Wikipedia:  

    No matter which species/hybrid of platy you have, their bellies should be at least as plump-looking as the picture.

    My tank has been suffering from a deadly disease that has two major early symptoms: the platies stop breeding, and they lose weight until there is almost a straight line from mouth to anal fin.

    There are other causes for them to stop breeding; I just figured we'd rule this one out.

  20. J

    JoannaB Well Known Member Member

    You are in a bad situation. I am sorry. We have other teenaged members whose parents have memories of how they kept goldfish in unheated small bowls as kids, and do not want to acknowledge that there have been large improvements in fish keeping, that people now know much more about this then they used to, and that fish keeping can be now much more of a rewarding science project in which the fish keeper tries to measure and control as many variables as possible to achieve an optimal habitat and healthier longer living fish.

    Is there any other family member, friend of the family, or science teacher whom you could ask for help in persuading your parents. One possible line of argument is that an aquarium can be a learning opportunity for developing hands on scientific knowledge. Test kits will expand your knowledge of organic chemistry.

    If your parents think that this is a waste of money because this is just to keep some cheep disposable fish alive longer, maybe they will be more open to this purchase if someone helps them understand that this would be of benefit not just to the fish but to you and your education. However, I do think that it could help to enlist a grown up ally in this persuasion because your parents may be more stubborn about not listening to you, and may be more reluctant to let you teach them.

    My father for example was "always right" and it was very hard to change his mind. The best way to do it was to somehow get him to think that it was his idea. In your case if you could get your parents to decide that instead of just wasting your time observing those fish, you might as well get something useful out of it, and use this hobby to expand your knowledge of chemistry etc ...

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