Platy- Natural Fin Discoloration or Velvet?! Please Help!


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Hello everyone! I was just wondering if someone could help me figure out if my platy has velvet disease or not. I have a 10 gallon tank with a platy and a Cory catfish (long story about why there's just the two, but basically I got them from my sister after she managed to kill off the rest of the tank's inhabitants via improper care, so I took over to try and save them) About 7 months ago, I noticed my platy (female I think, not sure how old), which I had only had for about a month, rubbing against some decor like she was itchy. Logically, my first thought was a parasite or skin/scale issue. I looked and she didn't have any visible issues and the rubbing was her only symptom, so I did a partial water change and decided to wait and see if anything else changed. About a week later I noticed that she was starting to show signs of yellow/gold discoloration on one of her fins, and said fin would not flow/move as easily as her other fin. After double checking with a flashlight, I think I saw some yellow on the rest of her body, but it's hard to tell since she's orange. I determined that she had velvet and began treating her with CopperSafe, keeping the copper level at about 1.75 ppm. I treated the whole tank since I thought I saw some yellow on the cory as well. After about a month, the yellow color was still there, but the rubbing had stopped and neither fish showed any other symptoms, so I stopped the treatment. Now, about another month after that (now about 9 weeks after I first noticed the issue, and a month of no treatment), I saw that the yellow had spread on the platy's fin, so I started treatment again. Another month, no more spreading, but the coloring was still there. That was May. I have seen no other signs of illness in either fish, but that yellow coloring still seems to be slowly- VERY SLOWLY- spreading, making about half her right fin move slightly stiffly. I want to get another fish or two for the tank, but only if I can be certain they won't get sick. I attached a picture of my platy where her fin is clearly visible. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on? I thought velvet was a quick killer, but it's been 7 months and they were only treated for 2 of those! Any advice/expertise would be much appreciated!



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Velvet - Oodinium is truly a quick killer & Copper Sulfate is the best med to treat it.
The issue probably isn't Velvet, maybe just a pigment abnormally.

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