Platy Labor?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by babydevilsangel, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. babydevilsangel

    babydevilsangelNew MemberMember

    Do big momma platys "go into labor" when they are closer to dropping their fry?

    My female seems to be breathing rapidly, where before, she seemed pretty calm, just swimming around. She seems like she's freaking out now.
  2. thequietman44

    thequietman44Valued MemberMember

    One of my platys was like that the day before giving birth. I've only had one platy actually give birth so I don't know if that's a typical "labor" thing, or a sign that she's having difficulty. I would watch her carefully just in case.
  3. OP

    babydevilsangelNew MemberMember

    I turned out the lights a few hours ago, and have just left them off. I was hoping that would help to calm her down, but she still is breathing quite rapidly, and swimming around erratically. Poor girl.

    I hope it's labor, and that the babies will be here soon. She's extremely large and boxy.
  4. tengallonhat

    tengallonhatNew MemberMember

    Wed night I watched my very pregnant platy swim back and forth across the tank, very fast, for about 5 minutes, and like you turned out the light in hopes it would settle her down. I've also noticed her "hiding" alot lately at different times. Thursday I noticed 1 fry in the tank, it was about 1/4th inch long. Friday I found another in the tank -- she is still quite large, and so I'm expecting more fry to show up yet. I haven't noticed any rapid beathing though. But I was wondering - over how many days does the birthing process take?
  5. OP

    babydevilsangelNew MemberMember

    From what I've read, it usually only takes 2-3 hours and then they're done, but I've heard of other instances where it is said to take 2-3 days. So I don't know. Hopefully someone who has more experience will come along.

    My platy that was breathing rapidly has settled down, is still huge, but hasn't dropped babies yet.

    Hopefully soon!