Platy/Guppy hybrid possible?? Question

Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by tunastrack, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. tunastrack

    tunastrack Well Known Member Member

    Hello all. I got a nice BIG shock today while cleaning the 27 tall. I found two babies hiding in the gravel!! They look like transparent Red Wag Platies. Which makes perfect sense. Only problem is, there is NO male Platies in this entire tank!!! And, the females are just juvies!! They are not even an inch long yet, And the ONLY males around them are my guppy boys.

    I often times see the boys trying to mate with them, however I figured the Platy girls were too little still. Evidently not! Because I just found two tiny babies. The were all virgins, never been around any males. Or out of this tank since they were baby fry.

    So is it possible?? I will post pictures as soon as my batteries charge :)
  2. fishynoob

    fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    Platys and swordtails will hybridise

    Mollys and Guppys will hybridise

    Platys and guppy can't as they are different species.
  3. jetajockey

    jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    that's correct, they don't have to be the same species to interbreed, but guppies and platies aren't even in the same genus, in other words not closely related. (to confuse things further fish don't HAVE to be in the same genus to hybridize, but its a good basic indicator of potential compatibility)

    Females can store sperm for multiple pregnancies and several months on end from a single male interaction, so that's a more likely scenario IMO.
  4. OP

    tunastrack Well Known Member Member

    They are just juvies, never been pregnant ever before. So the storing sperm does not apply here. However I did have a male baby platy in this tank for a short period of time not long ago. I forgot all about him. WOW! He was half an inch tops. I guess he got the job done before I had the chance to move him!! Thank goodness this is her first drop, so I do not have a ton of babies. Just 2. Plus whoever else he mated with.

    He wasnt even in the tank but around 3 days before I moved him. He worked fast!!! Well mystery solved! TY!!
  5. orangeclumsy1

    orangeclumsy1 Valued Member Member

    Haha yeah that'll do it! I'm very partial to the livebearers myself, I love to see variation of what's in my tank from day to day. :)

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