Platy Fry Chasing Each Other??

Discussion in 'Platy' started by ReneeShiv, Apr 25, 2019.

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    So we discovered instead of the one platy fry, there at least 3, so existing for us especially for my son. However I have noticed that the fry don't seem to play nice and I often see them chasing each other? Is this normal behaviour for fry siblings? Just very interesting to watch:)
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    It also demonstrates that they're growing up healthy and well. Keep feeinding 'em too! My old feeding regimen and schedulke was a bit odd, but it worked for years. I fed 'em one type of food per day, but rotated the TYPE of foods, skipping feeding altogether on Wednesdays. Rotated, egg yolks, finely ground up Sera flakes, and live brine shrimp.

    MON, egg yolks, twice per day. TUES, live brine shrimp twice per day, WED, NO food all day, THURS, Finely ground up Sera flakes, FRI, egg yolks, SAT, live brine shrimp, SUN, live brine shrimp. When they hit the 1 month mark, I fed 'em, live brine shrimp and Sera flakes., And at 2 months, Sera flakes etc.

    The main reason why NO food was fed on Wednesday was, I was trying to rear 'em on starting to eat algae and small micro particles at an early age. So they can "recognize" algae etc. for future reference, as most fish (especially Mollies, livebeaerers) DO, will and can eat algae if they're really really hungry.
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    It could also be possible the one doing the chasing is a male, do you know how to sex them?
    If not, if they're large enough I may be able to tell you.
    Plus who doesn't like looking at baby fish... Hehehe
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    Yeah I can tell them apart as adults (well i think I can lol) but these are still small, only just starting to come out from hiding. If I can get a good picture I'll show you:) thanks!