Platy Fry 1 Day Old. Tips?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by thedavinator, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. thedavinatorNew MemberMember

    I set up my 10 gallon tank almost 2 months ago. I purchased two platys and two mollys (little did I know at the time, that I coincidently got a boy and girl of each...uh oh!) About two or three weeks ago I noticed that my female platy was gainining weight. She was noticably smaller than the male platy when I first purchased them, and after a little research I concluded that she was pregnant.

    I kept close eye on ther the last few days as she continued to grow bigger and I noticed she began isolating herself from the other fish and frequently hiding herself inside the big plastic log I have in the tank. I also could see several little tiny dots inside her. I purchased one of those little breeding boxes that floats on the top of the water and put it in the tank about a week ago so the other fish would get used to having it in there. I put her in it the other night, but she didn't take well to it, so I released her the next morning. I also purchased a mesh tank seperator which I decided I would put in the tank when it looked like she was getting close to delivering. By what I can only call pure luck, I installed the seperator yesterday and placed her on one side away from the other fish before I went to work, and low-and-behold, when I came home at 8 that night, I spotted a few fry swimming around.

    I figured she probably had started giving birth about an hour or so before I got home, because she still was hanging out in the corner of the tank (I couldn't get a really clear view of her because I moved the plastic log that she likes so much over with her, and that thing takes up almost the whole half of the tank.) From what I've read, it typically doesn't take more than 2 hours for here to deliver, rarely 3. And then, out of nowhere, she started swimming around the tank and eyeing the little babies. I sprinkled some flakes in there to see if she would take any, and she did, so I knew I should probably move her. I put her in the breeding box just to make sure she wasn't holding on to any more stragglers. I kept her in there for about an hour and saw that she delivered one more really tiny guy (I named him Lucky)

    The most fry I've counted at one time so far is 24! (I'm sure there is at least a couple more because there's quite a few hiding places for them. I'd say she gave birth to about 25-30, which kind of makes me wonder if this was her first pregnancy (correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's quite a big number for a first pregnancy.) I'm also not sure if she was already pregnant when I got her, or if the male I have is the father.

    It's been almost 24 hours since the birth, and I haven't spotted any casualties. Most of the fry are very active, and I have a few brave little guys that will swim freely around the tank. They're still seperated from the other fish, and I plan to keep them seperated until they are big enough to not be eaten. I'm planning on buying at least a 20 gallon tank as soon as possible so I can set it up and move my four adult fish over there and just keep the babies in the tank I have now. I will probably end up giving almost all of them away, some to the pet store and a few to some friends that also have aquariums.

    I think I've included just about all the information I can provide at this time. I'm going to get some test strips tonight after work so I can make sure the water quality is good. Also, the water is right at 80 degrees. I assume this is a good temeperature, I'm kind of afraid to mess with the heater, as it is on the fry's side of the tank and there's about 7 or 8 of them that like to hang out on it haha.

    Okay, so here are the questions I have:

    -Is 80 degrees an exceptable temperature for the fry?
    -How often do I feed them? (I have First Bites and have fed them twice this morning, but I've only seen a few of them nibble at it.)
    -I'm not very familiar with testing the water, etc, so if someone could provide me with the proper statistics, that would be helpful for when I test it tonight.
    -How many generally survive when there aren't any predators to worry about?
    -Do you think this is the mama's first pregnancy?
    -Is there anything else I should know?

    I'll try to post some pictures later of the fry and my tank setup.

  2. nippybettaWell Known MemberMember

    OK, lets see.

    1. 80 degrees is fine. Fry grow faster when it's warmer, but it also speeds up their metabolism so they might have slightly shorter lives
    2. I feed my fry crushed flakes. Optimally, they'll be fed around 6 times a day. I feed mine around 3 times.
    3. When I got my first 6 guppy fry all 6 grew up. I got 12 platy fry a month or so back and 5 are left. It varies- it there's 30 fry in there you should get at least 10.
    4. It might have been mama's first batch if she was really young when you got her.
    5. I think I've about covered it. Good luck!
  3. Wendy LubianetskyWell Known MemberMember

    Mine fry like to nibble on the diatoms growing on plants.
  4. thedavinatorNew MemberMember

    Just thought I'd update on the babies. I've counted 32! They all seem to be doing very well and are active and eating. I think most of them will survive :) I've been feeding them 3-4 times a day. I'm going to do a partial water change tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well. Ph balance and everything is good according to the scale on the bottle. Any more tips would be greatly appreciated. I will definitely get some pics up once I get a good chance. Thanks for the help, also!

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