Platy female or male? And if female is she preggers?

  1. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    I have 3 sunset platys. I thought they were all males but one seems to maybe be a female. Is it a female and if so is it pregnant? 1464907306739.jpg 1464907323405.jpg 1464907359514.jpg
  2. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    Yes, it's a female, and depending how long you've had it with your males, it should be pregnant.
  3. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    Thank you. I have had them for about 3 weeks or so but she didn't get that round until like 2 weeks ago. Petco had them labeled as male but what do they know lol.
  4. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    No problem! judging by the fact that she was in with males even before you bought them she could be very well pregnant, as well as her looks show some hints as well.
  5. Matthiasfanu Member Member

    A good way to tell is their lower fin. I believe the female platys lower fin is more "open" while a males fin is more narrow and tucked closer to the body. I had 4 platys before in a tank and ended up with 2 males and 2 females. They reproduce often. Like once every 4 weeks. They are also livebearers meaning they give birth to live young. Don't be surprised if you wake up one morning to small fish swimming in your tank. If you want to keep the young make sure you have another tank set up for them or a breeder box to put in your current tank. If you don't want to keep them just leave them in the tank. Platys tend to eat their own young.
  6. oldsalt777 Well Known Member Member

    Hello Tox...

    To encourage the delivery of the fry, start a bit more aggressive water change routine. Use treated tap water that's a bit warmer than normal and work up to 50 percent or more removed and replaced weekly.

    Livebearing females can hold off dropping the fry until they feel conditions are right for survival. Don't try to move the female to another tank or to a breeding box, this is stressful for the fish. Start feeding all the fish a little more and a little more often. If the adult fish are well fed, they'll be much less likely to bother the fry.

    Include some floating plants if you don't have them already. Hornwort is the best and will provide good nutrition for the fish and a place for the female and the fry to hide.

  7. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, the anal fin of female platies are large and fanned out while on males there thin and sharp looking.
  8. Andromeda Member Member

    Yup, she looks pregnant to me. Just a word of caution. While it is stressful for the mother to be placed in a hatchery, please remain prepared to scoop fry to safety soon after they are born. Unless you have a heavily planted tank, there is a high possibility that the adults will eat them up within a day or two. Good luck!
  9. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    Thank you all. I am gonna leave her in the tank and watch her closely. I'm either gonna scoop the fry into a fry trap or just gonna buy some floating plants for the fry to hide in and hopefully most will survive. This is my first time ever having any of my animals pregnant so all your guyses input helps me out a lot. I'd rather get advice from people that have done their research or have experienced it themselves. I am so excited for this!!!

    Another question. How far along do you guys think she is. I bought her 4/27/16
  10. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    In a little bit... keep posting pictures whenever you can, she doesn't look squared off yet so...
  11. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    Get ready for more pictures lol. This task proved harder then I thought. Active little buggers. 1464994057264.jpg 1464994064157.jpg 1464994084041.jpg 1464994095086.jpg 1464994107737.jpg 1464994167344.jpg
  12. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    You've got some time... I think...
    livebearers are sometimes unpredictable, some give birth at the least expected time, but know this, most guppies, platies etc... will give birth during the night.
  13. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    I'll have to go out and purchase some Java moss and hornwort so if she does give birth during the night the fry have a place to hide. I wanted more live plants anyways lol they are just so expensive for a piece vegetation lol.
  14. Andromeda Member Member

    The Java Moss should be pretty cheap. And I'd estimate that she will give birth in about a week. But you can't really be sure. They can hold their young until they feel secure (or can give birth prematurely if excessively stressed).
  15. Mollyluv Member Member

    She doesn't look super "boxy" to me, so you have at least a week, if the water conditions are right and she isn't stressed. Just keep up the water changes and make sure they stay fed!
    She's very pretty btw.
  16. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    Thank you. :) And thank you. :) The water seems to be in check except the pH is kinda low. It's 6.2. Will that effect her?
  17. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Platies need hard water, and with a pH of 6.2 it's unlikely your water is very hard. I'd add crushed coral or limestone to the filter to raise your GH and KH.
  18. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    I'll have to do that
  19. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    So up date on mommy platy... she is starting to get more boxy looking in her tummy.
  20. Toxickissez20 Member Member

    She looks like she is getting a little more boxy like you guys said she would. :)
    1465191189839.jpg 1465191197021.jpg 1465191206278.jpg 1465191212576.jpg