Platy dropping her fry right now

Okay, I was messing around in my tank trying to catch my glolights. Afterwards I peeked into the breeder net and saw a fry dropping to the bottom of it! So I closed my tank hood and waited. She hasn't dropped anymore yet, I'm sure she'll do it when I'm not in the room. But her single fry is a stillborn... Is that bad? What should I do! I want to turn off the tank light so she doesn't eat all the fry, but then I won't know when she's dropped them.

any help? i'm trying to leave her alone but i'm anxious to get her out as soon as she drops them to save as many as I can
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She'll still possibly eat them in the dark I think they can take a number of hours to birth though I'm not too sure on the timeline as mine typically birth during the night/early morning. I would check on her just to make sure the babies aren't all stillborn, if they are then she's likely aborting them due to stress, this happens in breeder nets and boxes sometimes. I doubt it will bother her that much if you turn the light on for a moment, or use the moonlights if you have them.

i've never been able to have a fish successfully drop fry in a breeder net so i'm not surprised. I keep trying because its not really a big deal if she holds off on birthing, but I don't want her to abort them :/ I only put her in yesterday and she's been okay so far. minus the stillborn.
She might be fine birthing them in there, I've honestly never tried myself, I just let them birth in the tank and scoop babies later.

the little stinker is holding off on dropping them. -_- I'll give her two more days in the net, and then move her over to the 10 gallon I have set up for fry and maybe let her try and drop them in there.
Still no fry. But she hasn't miscarried either. Anything I can do to speed things up? There's lots of cover in the breeder net for her and the fry to hide in. She seems happy and isn't stressed or clamping her fins. I was so excited last night about her dropping them and now she's mocking me and keeping them....

That's weird, I have no idea. ..unless she's eating them shortly after having them, even then I'd think you'd see a few. ..

no, she is completely full still. her tummy hasn't shrunk at all. how can she drop one fry and then not finish in the next 24 hrs? I don't know if she's dropped any more, it took her two hours to eat the stillborn from last night. maybe by morning she'll have dropped them.
okay, I just scooped up a single fry from the breeder, i'm sure she dropped a few and ate them, but i'm getting confused here. why is she making this last days???? she doesn't appear to be dropping any more tonight so I have the solo fry in a water bottle with mesh over the opening floating in the tank to keep it from being eaten.
if my fry tank was cycled I would move her in there but its not ready :/ I know the move would be stressful, but she would have 10 gallons to swim around in. if she was going to abort don't you think she would have by now? i'm positive that if I took her out she would drop all her fry but I want to actually keep them. if they get dropped in the tank sure they'll survive but it'll be months before I can catch them. i've been trying to catch my last glolight for two weeks. I want that dumb fish out of my tank but because of all the driftwood and plants I ended up messing up all my aquascaping chasing it around the tank. :/
I agree, I think maybe the breeder is stressing her out, it seems like she should have had more this far in if she was comfortable. I would put her back in her tank or the 10 gallon if it's ready.

I agree, I think maybe the breeder is stressing her out, it seems like she should have had more this far in if she was comfortable. I would put her back in her tank or the 10 gallon if it's ready.

the 10 gallon currently has like 4ppm ammonia right now. it just started to cycle :/ I used some lava rock from my main tank but I guess it wasn't enough to make it go quicker.
Yeah definitely don't put her in there yet. I still say just let her birth in the main tank, just get a bunch of floating plants (real or fake, makes no difference) so the fry will have cover. I would worry about her holding the babies too long, no idea if that can be a problem or not.

Alright, it's been three days. I'm really hesitant to let her go in the big tank because her first fry batch is going to be the only one that's pure red wag. After this it's going to be a mutt mixture since I don't have any of the same colored platies in my tank. I guess I could move her to the 5.5 that is recovering from ich and stuff? I would have to add a ton of my old plastic plants but it COULD work. I think the Molly fry are too big to be eaten now so they will be okay. They're like over a centimeter long.

Okay. I'm currently trying to get that ten to cycle by tomorrow so she can go birth in there, but for now I'll do probably 6 gallons as I can only carry my 5 gallon bucket just over half full.
And it's kind of far to the sink so I don't want thee trips

This is why I keep tons of Najas and Water Sprite on hand. Throw a double handful in a 10 gallon tank and it is insta-cycled. The plants suck up ammonia directly, and carry more than enough bacteria to provide any other biological filtration required to cycle the tank. I've done it hundreds of times, especially for expecting female livebearers.
She ended up dropping like four and immediately eating them. Oh well. Time for my sunset to drop hers now... At least after her I'll be done.

Yeah but can they hold it and like, use some then hold the rest? I was under the impression that they can use that held sperm once. Then after that they need to get more.
That sounds so weird.
This is getting weird.

Oh, also when I mean I'll be done, I mean I'll be done for like a month. I have males in my tank lol. It's just been a tough week with all this nonsense.

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My understanding is that they can birth fry for a few months, not just the once with stored sperm. But yes, hopefully you'll get a break until next month.

Yeah, their gestation period is a month so unless she stores more babies in there or whatever she is doing, it'll be a few weeks of just focussing on raising the fry and getting my shrimp colony started and setting up that tank.


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