Platy Curving Inward While Pooping?

  1. b

    buzzittt New Member Member

    Hi. I'm pretty new to the whole fish thing. It's been about one month and everything's been fine, up until today. I noticed that while pooping, my platy was curving inward on herself, and she couldn't swim until she was done. This concerns me. I'm not sure what's wrong. Any suggestions/advice would be great.
  2. OP

    buzzittt New Member Member

    I should also add, that she was talking a pretty long while to finish. I'm thinking maybe she's constipated? I don't know though.
  3. Makenna L

    Makenna L New Member Member

    Does it appear that her poop looks normal?

    You should look for:
    Light/white colored
    Long and stringy
    Any stomach bloating?