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Discussion in 'Platy' started by Abz Court, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Abz Court

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    In my tank, I have 4 fish and 2 shrimps. I have my two platies which I initially purchased. They are both males. The platies are looking healthy, the water parameters are good, they are eating, there are no signs of aggression, however I noticed that a majority of last night and all day today, one Platy has been continuously swimming up and down the glass, quiet erratically, non-stop. He's doing nothing else at all except for eating.
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    Abz Court

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    The tank size is 12 Gallons/45 Litres. I'm not too sure on the water parameters as of yet but I do know that the water quality is good.
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    How do you know the water quality is good if you are not sure on the water parameters? What are the other two fish in the tank? What Filter are you using?
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    Hi, I had my mollies and platy doing the same when I first put them in. They were quite playful at first, but they have calmed down by now. They stopped doing it by now. I think it's just a random behavior.