Platy and Mollies

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    I am new to the hobby and have a question regarding Platy and Mollies. They seem so similar yet so different.

    Would there be a chance to cross breed if mixed together?

    Thanks for the advice.
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    I think it's REALLY rare, but there are livebearers who mate with ANYTHING. I mean the filter, the substrate, females, males ect. :;google Unless you have a really strange fish you should be fine :) I'm not even sure if they would accept the sperm anyway.
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    No, they can not cross breed. They are from different genus, they do not have the same number of chromosomes.

    Mollies and Guppies can crossbreed

    Platties and Swordtails can crossbreed.
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    platys and mollys are different species so they cannot mix. however platys and mollys are prolific breeders so think carefully about what genders you get!

    Platys and swordtails will hybridise as will mollys and guppys.

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